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Graham and Kevin chat to Sam Ashdown, “The Bossy Northerner”. Sam is a very smart marketer, who offers amazingly clear marketing advice to clients to improve their businesses.

Sam Ashdown chooses to work with independent estate agents to help transform their businesses. She helps them get more valuations, win more instructions and sell more properties. Sam tells us that she likes dealing with entrepreneurs who can make quick decisions and therefore steers clear of the large chain estate agencies.

In a fascinating podcast, Sam tells us about how she has moved house herself more times than you can shake a stick at. She learnt early how important it was to properly market your property. That became her first business. Sam describes how important psychology is to her business. Often the reason for a premium house failing to sell is a function of the minds of one or both of the owners. Sam has to get into their heads before they can move forward. And so it is with the estate agency businesses she deals with.

The lessons of the estate agency market are lessons for all businesses. Sam describes her consultancy framework ‘Legend’, starting with listen and ending with decision. Listen to the podcast to get more on this very useful way to approach sales and marketing challenges. In the listen section, Sam tells us how important it is to write a pain letter from your avatar, or ideal customer. If the letter makes you cry, you are probably nailing the letter and thereby your understanding of your avatar’s pain points.

Sam Ashdown recommended Gay Hendricks “The Big Leap” as a great book on limiting beliefs. It will help you see things in a more positive light. Catch yourself saying something won’t happen because of XYZ, and replace with ‘if I did ABC then I can make it happen’.

Sam’s three-part strategy for growth is: a) identify your persona by writing that pain letter (this will help you craft a great sales page on your website or write content based on what matters most to your ideal audience; b) define your 100 day goal – Sam explained she sets an income goal is and what steps she is taking this week to reach the goal set; and c) accountability – that’s the way others in the mastermind groups she is a part of keep her focused and honest to her goals. She explains how each week she explains her specific action items that will drive her to reaching her goals.

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