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These days most of our focus goes toward social media. We often forget the powerful role traditional media can play in helping promote our businesses. If your plans for the next 100 days involve drawing some media attention to your business, then this episode is for you.

Kevin and Graham explore the world of public relations. They interview PR expert Peter Osborne, who has just launched a new business, Credible Communications, to support organisations with their communications strategy and public relations challenges.

Peter is well qualified to tell us all about PR. He started his career as a journalist on a local newspaper in the north of England. He knows all about the strategies to use if you want to get your business noticed in the local press. He also knows how journalists operate, and how to get them to tell the right story about your business.

Peter is a poacher turned gamekeeper, and instead of reporting the stories, Peter now specialises in getting the media on your side. He has spent most of his career in the communications teams of corporate organisations that aren’t always seen in the best light be the public. The tobacco industry, the nuclear power industry. Peter is an expert in handling the press, whether it is TV, radio or print.

We asked Peter two questions that are really relevant for many of us as business owners.

Ive got a great story to tell, how do I get some media coverage for it?

A journalist has just called me unexpectedly, he wants an interview (or even a radio or TV appearance), what do I do?

Tune in to the podcast and hear Peter Osborne answer these two questions.

To find out more you can contact Peter Osborne through the next 100 days private Facebook group or email