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Personal Branding with Janette Edmonds

Corporate Headshots for Women and Personal Branding

Janette makes people beautiful through photography, to some you would call it Personal Branding.

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How did Janette become a Personal Branding Expert?

Janette is a personal branding photographer and a portrait photographer and started photographing people 14 years ago. Looking for pictures for her home, she found the ones on offer at a local farmers market triggered her to believe she could do better than that.

She called a wedding photographer and asked if she could work-shadow. 5 years ago she went to a boudoir course for women. Janette concentrated on women. To set themselves apart. One of the ways to do that was photographs. Most people didn’t want to have their photographs taken.

Now, she is even doing men! A year back, she was approached by a man for a portrait. She was only ever taking images of people who had make-overs. So, she set up a hot towel share for him.

If you don’t shave?

You could have an eye brow trim. The trouble with stubble – it can look messy unless done properly. Some get hair trims.

Contact Janette on her website:

Personal Branding, Janette Edmonds, The Next 100 Days, Photography

How do you reflect someone’s personal brand?

It takes 6 weeks. What message they want to put across? The colours of their brand. Their environment and ideal client. A wardrobe consultation is included too. It is what they look like. They do a make-over and shoot.

Colours and personal branding?

If you have a website and branding of a certain colour and your colours dont reflect, you aren’t going to promote your brand adequately.

Colour is key to professionalism. Navy is good for lawyers, financial advisers. Pink suites hairdressers and beauticians. Message, personality and the look of the person, and the ideal client – will they respond.

Janette says black might work well for me. Apparently, I (Graham) had a dark jumper on and Janette thought his head was rather detached from his body! ( I just wanted to be warm!) What I was wearing was fading into the background.

Previous Career

Janette’s had a varied career. From stable lass in a racing stable, to a project manager in an insurance company. She was a holiday rep in Ibiza, owned a cafe there, worked in banking too. What was common was that Janette dealt with people.

You have to speak to people in THEIR language. This is a lesson learnt by Janette and helps her in her business.

Janette works out the language her clients are using with their clients. It is all about the message for her.

What should Janette look like in her corporate photo?

Janette is quite female focused, her message is geared towards females. Personal branding is so much more powerful if you niche. When Janette has photographed outside of her niche, something has gone wrong. With the few men she shoots, she follows the same personal branding principles. It’s just someone of a different gender.

Poor self image and people who are down on themselves is Janette is all about. It is about becoming KNOWN for what you do. Be known.

LinkedIn is Janette’s Favourite Communication Tool

People want to relate to and communicate to other business people. Janette can help with your focus and being known in your sector.

On Facebook, there is a personal branding group and the admin does not promote LinkedIn as a tool. Criminal, says Janette.

Here’s a personal branding facebook page – surely it is a good idea to recommend a LinkedIn profile?

What should your LinkedIn Photo look like?

The eyes have it!

How professional should you look? Tie or rugby shirt?

Who are you trying to appeal to? If your ideal clients are Government, then maybe a tie is appropriate. When you have your ideal client is nailed, you’ll know what to wear in your photo.


People dont like having their photo taken. Janette gets people to relax.

Look at the before and afters.


It is sometimes a leap of faith with clients. They often have a real difficulty to take that step. But, it changes their lives. They change their partners, jobs.

Is Janette an Introducer to Ashley Madison?

No!!!! Janette is transforming loves for the better! Photographs that empowers her clients.

It helps that her clients have faith in her too. No matter what age, or size, will feel safe, and comfortable. It is an enjoyable experience.

She helps with make up, evening up the skin. Never wear a foundation with SPF, because it reflects light. Eyes need to be highlighted with make. A little photoshop, because most of it is in the shoot.

Graham says Janette is REASSURINGLY NICE.

The Next 100 Days

3 tips:

  1. Start with research and development. What is it that you want.
  2. Look at a photographer’s testimonials, do they make their clients look comfortable.
  3. Make sure they are interested in what you want to wear? Who’s your ideal client.

If you don’t cover these things, run a mile.

She does use photoshop, but it is important that people look like themselves – it has to be very subtle. You need to look like you.


LinkedIn: Janette Edmonds


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