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Wellness and Brain Potential with Dan Murray-Serter

So where did all this stuff about brain potential come from? Well, Dan is an Arsenal fan. He grew up just around the corner from Arsenal’s ground and found his love for the team when they were an awesome team. Dan understands awesome. He’s now doing something in a similar way for us all. A passion for wellness and the things that can affect the brain positively is driving a new business, hitherto called Dawn, but soon the name will be changed to Heights.

This is a fascinating podcast, with Dan Murray-Serter, a fellow podcaster himself – listen here Secret Leaders.

Dan loves cats. There was some recent publicity about how cats adopt the personality of their owners. One of Dan’s cats, he explains dangerously is similar to his wife – given the choice would just sleep all day and have her stomach rubbed. His cats are Ragamuffins. A fairly rare breed. They are friendly and attention needy. So, yes, his cats he says are similar!

Dan Murray-Serter, Dawn, Wellness, Brain Potential, The Next 100 Days Podcast

Secret Leaders Podcast

Dan hosts his Secret Leaders podcast. It started 2.5 years ago. He was lucky as in London he gets to meet some very interesting people. His secret leaders are often entrepreneurs and investors. He’d always asks them about the bad times. He has had leaders and founders from:

  • Moonpig
  • Photobox
  • Just Eat
  • Shazzam
  • Joe Malone
  • Prince Andrew – he went to Buckingham Palace to record the podcast. Amazing place with secret tatty rooms.

Dan learns most when they share their most challenging times and what they did. He is himself a talkative person. The podcasts were a place where he learnt questioning skills. Just do it, was the attitude he had when he started.

See his You Tube Video on Secret Leaders and setting up a podcast – click the image.

Dan Murray-Serter, Dawn, Wellness, Brain Potential, The Next 100 Days Podcast

or read his LinkedIn post here:


Dan’s last business was Grabble, an Ecommerce app. It became the number one shopping app, with over 1 million users. Lots of revenue but no profit. He built the company incredibly fast, made some errors. All by the age of 30.

When he was still running Grabble, Dan became fascinated with brain potential. It was anchored from a desire to become more productive. How to get more things done in a day. This lead Dan and his partner Joel to explore fasting, and nutrition and supplementation.

During this time Dan became aware of the plight of the planet. He became interested in becoming vegan. Joel challenged Dan to become vegan. Dan took up the challenge.

Cold Turkey Transfer to Vegan

Moving from being a carnivore to vegan was not hard. Chicken, steak was a big loss, but your appetite changes over time. Suddenly he became aware of short term memory concerns. He worried that it was early onset dementia. He didn’t know what was going on.

He read a book by Patrick Holford – Optimum Nutrition for the Mind

Optimum Nutrition, Dan Murray-Serter, Dawn, Wellness, Brain Potential, The Next 100 Days Podcast


It was common. If you cut out fish and eggs, you cut out nutrients your brain needs. He tried fish and eggs again, and he was fine.

A diet for the brain

Brain potential became an idea for Dan. He looked at mental health too. This lead to a baseline.

So, whilst he was shutting down Grabble, he took the ideas of the public health model. When you are sick you go to the doctors or hospital. However, when you are well and are looking for marginal improvements in your health, to at least bring things back to a baseline, where do you go?

Mental health – if you are below par, you should go to a professional. But the idea for Dawn was a range of supplements for braintenance.

Healthy things that contain nutrients to improve and balance your brain. Patrick Holford is now an adviser. A two pills a day multi-vitamin for consumers. With an outer layer of algae oil and inner pill, floating inside. Look cool, good for you, and disrupt the price mechanism. They aim to offer this around £35 per month. With the full amount of ingredients.

What Change Will I Expect?

You are the master of the change. If you eat fish, eggs, avocado, nuts, seeds and extra virgin oil every day then you are already at optimum brain potential level.

And if you don’t then these pills will get to an optimum brain potential level.

Wellness is about staying well, not pain killing. This optimises your brain health. You can get everything from natural food, then you

Anything you need for the maintenance level – optimised brain potential health are in the pills.

The other areas – knowledge

Dan’s skill is communicating. With Grabble he did short snappy communications. He uses the power of 3. 3 things – one about nutrition, psychology and neuroscience-science. The more you understand about your brain, you can get more from yourself. His newsletter is the content stream for his business.

Read more here:

Simple things every week. Science and why these things are important. Not to scare people but to remain positive.

End of Alzheimers – Dr Dale Bredeson

In short, we have been eating crap food. If you eat more of good stuff, it can offset the start of early onset dementia. Some evidence of reduction of symptoms. Nutrition can have a massive impact.

Dawn is Changing Name

It’s the same name as Fairy Liquid in America. So they’re changing it. Instead they’ll call the new product HEIGHTS.

They are designing their product for the global market. Thats why they’ve changed the trade mark. Fail early and fast and re-develop.

Reaching new heights. What Dan has learned that using the physical is a good way to understand the mental health market. You don’t take a pill and get smarter. It is about getting to base camp. Then doing things like BEING WITH PEOPLE. Physically, daily, be with people.

The Next 100 Days – what can you do?

a. Sign up to try to get a weekly update

b. Use extra fine virgin oil. Greek or Spanish not Italian. Ideally from Crete.

c. Blueberrys, nuts and seeds. A fatty diet is good for your brain.

d. Community and spending time with other people is the best thing for mental health.

Lost Connections – Johann Hari (a recommended by Dan book about depression)

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