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Entrepreneurial Mindset with Julie Johnson

Julie Johnson helps female business owners with their entrepreneurial mindset which helps them fall back in love with their businesses. Some of her work also involves corporate executives and leaders in bigger organisations too.

Her approach is very holistic. That means, Julie looks at them and their lives as well. Success is personal!

Julie Johnson, The Next 100 Days Podcast, Entrepreneurial Mindset

A Background in Personnel

An early career in the NHS, where she quickly moved into PERSONNEL. Or HR as it became. But, Julie was not suited to a large bureaucracy. She moved to Berghous, and she set up their personnel function. Also she started a training school. This was the beginning of a love for helping people through training and development.

Julie was uncomfortable with bureaucracy and paperwork. It saw Julie working stupid hours. One of the nights she got home late and kept working, she caught herself thinking this work was not for her.

That type of work didn’t light her up. So, she wrote a one line resignation and then went to bed! The work was making her unhappy and she was getting stressed. The expectation was self-inflicted – have you been there too?

Julie then worked as a HR consultant and did further qualifications. Her field was leadership and management.

The 3 Key Elements to Business Success

Julie Helps Light You Up

This is Julie helping you to fall in love with your business again. Many of her clients stick with the business. They don’t up-sticks. She helps people explore their thinking and perspective.

What questions does she ask?
What do you want for your life going forward.
Exploring values and main frustrations,
What are you like when you are at your best.

So, Julie helps you understand yourself better. How you respond to things. Why you have frustrations. The other part is the rest of your life. So, if you are running on empty, you might value understanding who you are.

Merging Dance with Her Development Work

Julie is a guide. She shines a light to explore. As a 50 year Irish dance veteran she uses it as a system and metaphor.

Stage, Audience, Performance – ones that touch you. It’s not the technical aspects, it’s the CONNECTION. That is what Julie is talking about.

Her dance related questions take you out of your normal patterns:

  • if your business is your stage, what kind of stage do you want?
  • An international audience or close or to home?
  • How do you become the lead dancer.

The language of dance is more feminine and about flow.

Two Avatars

Julie helps 2 types:

  • in business a while and going through the motions
  • also in corporate, but thinking of starting on their own.

Julie works together with her clients for 3 months. Similar to the next 100 days.


The Success Club

Julie delivers entrepreneurial mindset support to help you get out of your way and open yourself up to more fun, more impact and more income.


Julie Johnson, The Next 100 Days Podcast, Entrepreneurial Mindset

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