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Graham’s 2017 Goals

Graham’s business is called Finely Fettled. Graham explained 3 areas where he is focusing upon in his 2017 Goals.

Getting used to working with son Nathan as he starts living in Brazil in February. Nathan will be developing his internet business which is a trading business under Finely Fettled. If you or your friends produce music and want it to be mastered so the sound quality s suitable for playing on radio or sales via iTunes and other music sales platforms, then Nathan’s business, offers affordable pricing for studio quality service.

eSales Hub

Graham also works as a consultant with eSales Hub. See Graham’s blog post They are experts at local search marketing. They answer the question – how do I grow my business with new customers without it costing the earth. They operate a pay as your grow pricing model. Local search replaces Yellow Pages. Imagine searching for something you want. Locally. You would enter several words into the search engine. These set of words are known as long tail keywords. Daily, Google has not seen around 20% of the keyword combinations. Long tail keywords are cheaper and they sort of indicate that someone has refined their search and wants to get on with a purchase. So eSales Hub will help optimise which keywords are most profitable for your business. They do this through tracking the keywords through the localised landing pages and the telephone call to action. It is better to have a telephone call than a form-fill because the individual is nearer to the sale. If you would like to find out more about local search for your business, call Graham on +44 1535 654930 or visit and leave a message.

Graham’s passion is direct response

Local search, done the eSales Hub way is really “direct response search”. But, what gets Graham’s blood racing are direct mail campaigns. His business Finely Fettled handles all aspects of direct mail campaigns. Targeting the right people for instance. Graham markets the UK High Net Worth Database, which is regionalised. The database has recently been created to help marketers identify the kinds of people who will be most suited to their products and services. If your market to affluent individuals visit – Graham offers done-for-you direct response campaigns that target the right people, with the right message using what he believes is an ideal media for the affluent and many other audiences too. Direct mail is becoming popular again. Because it works. Especially as a sequence. And by adding landing pages, you can serve prospects with lead generation magnets to create a sense of reciprocity prior to a purchase. Graham focuses on lead generation, ascension, win-back campaigns and generating referrals. Look out in 2017 for his new printed newsletters. These are an excellent vehicle for getting more referrals and creating ascension within your customer base.

To learn more about Graham visit: To discuss your requirements please contact Graham or call +44 1535 654930

Kevin’s 2017 Goals

Kevin’s 2017 goals are based around coaching and training. Kevin’s business Appleby Consulting and Coaching has been going through a period of change, and in 2017 Kevin is increasing his focus on providing business coaching rather than delivering large consulting assignments. So, Kevin has 3 major objectives that are driving his 2017 goals.

One on one coaching and mentoring

Kevin already has a number of clients that he regularly mentors, but the change in focus will enable him to commit more time to this. In quarter one he has capacity to take on two or three new clients, and the focus of activity initially will be about marketing these coaching slots and making sure there is an ongoing lead generation system in place so that when vacancies appear in the future he can easily fill these with new clients. The main marketing tool will be Facebook advertising using video, and webinar. The purpose of both is to promote Kevin’s Business Health Check.

Coaching masterclasses

The Business Health Check has been running for several months now, and quite a number of business owners have gone through the process. Some interesting results are emerging. There are 5 or 6 very common threads that run through nearly all the responses. While Kevin can help a small number of one on one clients solve these problems with long term coaching and mentoring theres opportunity to help more people with an entry level offer.

During 2017 Kevin is planning on running a series of masterclasses that explore these common issues and provide some solutions. Each masterclass might be between an hour to half a day and while these will use webinar type technology for delivery, Kevin is keen that these are quality, affordable, teaching sessions and not sales presentations. If you are interested in the programme, then drop Kevin an email ( ).

Delivering finance training

Alongside his coaching work with SMEs, Kevin is also working with a company that delivers training on a much larger scale, and helping them develop and deliver finance based courses teaching subjects such as cost control and budgeting for non finance people. This is going to be a big challenge, but an interesting one that will allow him to take the war stories from a 20 year consulting career into the classroom. Examples will include Activity Based Costing with the British Army, Internal Pricing in the NHS, Zero Based Budgeting on a power station, and cost reduction in a blue chip chemical company and a major professional services provider. The courses that are being offered will be a selection from this list. Please feel free to register interest for anything that appeals to you.

Our 2017 goals are exciting both of us. We would also love to hear about your challenges for your own 2017 goals. Why not drop over to the Facebook group and tell us all about them?

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