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High Ticket Selling with Jane Baker

Jane Baker is talking to us today about high ticket selling. She was originally from South Wales – the same places as Tom Jones – but moved to Lanzarote and the Canary Islands.

Jane Baker on the next 100 days podcast with hosts Kevin Appleby and Graham Arrowsmith

What’s the business model for high ticket selling?

Jane is a coach and author for service-based businesses. She has them leverage high ticket selling so that they can leverage their time whilst drastically increasing their incomes.

What does high ticket mean?

High ticket can be open to interpretation. It’s about taking the services they provide and package it in a way that is more valuable to the client or customer and so you charge a higher ticket for it. It could be charging £3k or right the way up to 7 figures. As you grow obviously your prices can grow with them.

What did you sell originally?

Originally, Jane started in the events sector about 10 years ago. When she was 19, she woke up on a whim and decided she wanted to start a business. An hour later, she had a business. Rather than go down similar avenues to others and compete for your average wedding, Jane designed packages tailored for hotels. Within 3 months of the business, she had signed a 6-figure contract selling those services to a large corporation. As a result, she could follow through with a high ticket selling process throughout her business adventures.

Essentially, Jane made it easy for a venue or company to market itself with a package of services and increase its costs for packages by including more services.

Cold pitches

Generally speaking, Jane cold-pitched through generic email addresses. Now, you can often cold pitch through social media. Her deals were never closed through emailing generic email addresses for the hotel chains she was contacting – however, it’s a surprise to hear just how successful her 19 year-old self was through merely emailing generic contact addresses.

There you go – someone with no school qualifications but not because she wasn’t bright. Far from it!

They do say that those who are successful surround themselves with other successful people who are like minded in ambition and positivity – you become the average of the 5 people you’re closest to. For Jane, this is definitely the case as she has a good network of entrepreneurs and business owners around her. But, she keeps work and family separate.

High ticket selling and being an author

Jane Baker's book

Jane has written a book called She Lives Limitlessly. It was published January of this year and became a best seller in Canada, the US and the UK.

What was it about the book that was really helpful?

So it was about how people could supercharge their sales and therefore their results. Jane combined her story plus lessons to take readers through every part she would take a client through on creating a high ticket package and actually being able to sell it.

The second thing would be to become really clear on who you’re wanting to target. The online space is very noisy (particularly at the moment). One of the ways you can cut through the noise and do it quickly is to be nice about what it is that you’re doing.

The next thing is to create a package based on the wants that your ideal clients have. Then, there’s just the case of what do you need to give them in order for them to reach the space they want. Also, add in 2-3 additional things that enhances the experience for them but it has to make sense to who you’re targeting.

Build an emotional experience whilst educating them at the same time. Then develop it, to sell it. A lot of people don’t say they have something to buy but Jane suggests you need sell it every day. Get involved in sales.

What does your typical avatar look like?

It tends to be someone who is coming onto the online space, trading in hours rather than packages. She generally tries to reach those with the £10-£20k cash months and then move onto scale up. They tend to be coaches or service-based businesses, who want more time-freedom in their lives.

Interestingly, Jane has a policy that she will only work with people who she would go for a drink with.

Online courses

A lot of Jane’s audience is Americans. Probably the accent…Kevin and Graham think…

How do you work?

Jane invests a lot in her own personal development. She also gets to work for a lot of companies who want to sell online. She picks up work for the corporate sector and transfers that to her coaching knowledge. But she learns a lot from masterminds she is a part of and she uses these networks to speak out in Canada.

3 tips from Jane Baker:

  1. Look outside the box – if you can see a space where someone isn’t covering an opportunity, go for it.
  2. Jump in – even if you haven’t got the idea fully sketched out, sometimes jumping in get the ball rolling enough for those ideas to become clearer.
  3. Everyone is more valuable than they think they are, especially when it comes to services, experts and coaches.


Jane really has brought a lot to the table here.

By the time she’s 40, what is she going to be?

Currently, she’s going through a growth period in her business. She intends to be the owner of an empire by the time she’s 45 – the owner of a billion dollar empire by 45 that is. not very ambitious really! Ha!

If you are interested in Jane’s work and want to get more information, follow this link.

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