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Nutrition with Alex Hall 

Today, we have a man talking to us about what he does as a Nutrition Coach. He’s not here to tell to us what to eat and how to change our diets. Alex says, telling people what to do is the least effective way to create change. But, what is Alex’s strategy for a healthier lifestyle?

What is a Nutrition Coach?

We all know we should be eating more vegetables and doing more exercise. Never the less, he isn’t here to tell you what you should and shouldn’t be doing. 

As a nutrition coach, Alex is more focused on the implementation of really simple habits, behaviours and creating long term sustainable change in the nutrition management.


It’s not just food Alex’s focus is on. Being a nutrition coach, he also ventures into sleep and stress management because if we’re stressed, we are likely to eat differently. If we sleep badly, we’re also likely to eat differently.


Many business owners that Alex speaks too, struggle with energy levels or feeling burnt out, struggles with sleep and stress. I’m sure we can all relate there! So, although his title is a Nutrition Coach, there’s many more elements to it than that. 


The Nutrition Plan


Everybody is different. What works for one individual, might not work for another. His first step as a nutrition coach is to understand more about the person.


Experimenting is the best way to do it, using outcome based decision making to deme whether it’s the right thing for you to be doing long term. Hall starts his process by pushing people to do a little bit better so that it doesn’t effect the individuals lifestyle too drastically.


How Does a DNA Test Help With Your Coaching?

Over the past few month, Alex has integrated DNA tests into his premium service. A quick silva test will help discover heath insights that will highlight areas of opportunity.

The DNA test will send Alex tones of data on the individual. He can then scroll through the data and find the easiest thing you can do, which will make the biggest impact on you overall.


Although coaches usually take a hard approach on individuals to push them, Alex’s goal is for them to stay consistent.  He could essentially shout at them and tell them to do something, and it could last for a few weeks, or even a few months rather. However, temporary changes equals temporary results.

The goal as a Nutrition Coach is to change somebody’s lifestyle. In order to change someone’s lifestyle, it needs to be embedded into their daily life.

 A lifestyle change can’t be something temporary. It needs to be consistent throughout their life, which is why he uses the DNA test, to find the smallest lifestyle change with the biggest impact so that it doesn’t effect the individual’s daily routine that drastically. 


 So, that’s all from Alex, and what a great, unique guest he’s been today. If you would like to find out more about Alex and what he does, then click here


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