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A Look Back on 250 Episodes 

Kevin and Graham take a look back on 250 episodes of podcasts recorded together over the course of 5 years. The podcast wouldn’t be here without all the loyal listeners that tune in week after week. Whether you’ve been here from the very beginning, or come across the podcast along the way, or even been one of our brilliant guests, The Next 100 Days thank you.

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How Graham Thinks It’s Evolved Over the 250 Episodes

To begin with, we were initially focused on the 100 days period by planning and making sure there was value in those 100 days. It makes us more relevant because we’re
not just focused on one particular theme. We have such a diverse range of opinions and enable people to express their opinions openly. By doing this in such a welcoming
and friendly environment, it really does show in the podcasts.

Not only has the show changed over 5 years, but me and Kevin have too. In the first episode we did together, I could barely string a sentence together. The people who have
listened to our podcast from the very beginning will know how far we have come from episode 1 to episode 250. I have so much more confidence in myself even though
I can still barely string a sentence together!



What 250 Episodes Means to Kevin?

Having done 250 episodes on the podcast, it gives us that authority to ask virtually anyone to be on the show, and with most
of our guests, they reach out to us. It’s a great feeling to have a handful of people waiting to be on the show constantly. Some
weeks we even do 2 in a day. We will never be the biggest nor the best Podcast in the world for sure. However, we are the very best
version of The Next 100 Days. There’s no other podcast quite like it.

We care a lot about the people that join us on the show. Just to be able to impact someone else’s life in such a positive
way is great. Whether it’s us or the guest, that’s what the shows really all about. It has been for the past 5 years
and that’s one thing that will never change.

Our Guests

Every week without fail, we have a guest in to talk about a range of different topics and we learn so many great things.
When we do the shows, it really feels like we’re back at university, doing a degree on life. There are just so many things to talk about and learn about.
From such fascinating people too. It’s such an honor.

We are all different people, we live in different areas but we share a community of interest. Both of us try to ask just enough questions so that
you find it interesting. So that there’s a story, a personality, character, and something that will make you laugh.


 The Next 250 Episodes 

5 years ago we were both embryonic business people and have now both escaped corporate, like many of our guests.
Both of us met through a corporate escape Podcast funnily enough.

What do we think will happen in 5 years’ time when another 250 episodes have gone by? Who knows? But surely enough
there will be many more great people. We are both looking forward to many more episodes because this is our way of giving
back. We are not doing this to make money at all. It’s not about making money it’s about giving people a platform and making friends.
Both of us have made friends for life from guests on our show. It’s incredible. We want to keep these guests coming whilst having
a laugh along the way.


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