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Oxygenated Water with Anna Iversen

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Anna Iversen joins The Next 100 Days to talk about oxygenated water. She works for a company called Kure which produces the water. Today she’s going to tell us about benefits. The water is so good that Anna even uses it to make her tea and coffee. When going to a restaurant, Anna will have one in her bag. Kure were kind enough to send Graham and Kevin some water to try. Lets see what they think of it.

What Makes Oxygenated Water Different?

Kure comes from the most pristine source in Cornwall. Not only is it exceptionally high-quality spring water, Kure has also supercharged it with oxygen. At Kure, they’ve developed a technology in which they can encapsulate oxygen into tiny bubbles.


The magic really lies inside of the bubbles. She tells us that it has taken over 7 years for them to refine the technology. The bubbles have to be sufficiently small so that they can remain intact. Anna believes that’s the issue many other companies have not been able to resolve. Basically, if the bubble is too big, it will burst, which would make it a load of marketing hype and nothing else.

kure, oxygen water, water, Cornish, Cornwall, Kure water, Kure oxygenated water








What Are The Benefits of Oxygen Water

Anna says the reason we need oxygen water and why we perform better if we have it is because of the modern way in which we live. People are constantly compromised, bombarded with stress from their daily life, eating junk food, not sleeping enough.

The way in which we produce energy for us to function properly is that inside our cells we have tiny organelles called mitochondria. The mitochondria are like little factories that produce energy for our cells in order for our body to work the way it ought to. It’s a natural process, so as you age, your body produces less energy, which is why we ache, have pains, feel tired, and our skin wrinkles.

Anna also thinks that because we’re modern people, we come to accept that all these aches and pains are just a part of ordinary life. This shouldn’t have to be the case. She thinks people accept these aches and pains very early on in life and we just learn to live with it when life doesn’t have to be that way.

As Kevin stares at the label on the bottle, he can see that Kure water won’t disappoint. He says it’s: Non carbonated, natural spring water, balanced Ph7, No chemicals, no additives, 0 calories and fat, 0 cholesterol and sodium. Kevin said it strikes him that the only thing in the bottle is water and oxygen.


Anna’s Journey

Anna’s always been into her health and well being. Throughout the majority of her career she didn’t have as much time to focus on it as she wanted too. Around 5-6 years ago, both of her parents died with cancer and it came as such a shock. So quickly and at the same time.

She had spent a year going backwards and forwards to Sweden to look after them both. When her mum was lying in her death bed, Anna had strangely downloaded a book on her Kindle about cancer being a metabolic disorder. The book blew her mind. Especially at such a pivotal moment in her life. She knew she had to change her career. If she had only just grasped this now, she needed to let the rest of the world know.

Once you start looking at health from Anna’s perspective you start to realise how important it actually is. If we don’t have enough energy, our bodies don’t produce enough energy, that means that things start breaking. So if we can improve the cellular energy production, we can stop things from breaking and heal things that are broken.


My Thoughts

I was lucky enough to receive a crate of Kure water to try over the past month. Having consumed one every day, I must say I do see a result.

1.My skin gets spots from time to time. I usually have at least one or two on my face normally. Since drinking Kure, my skin has been clearer than ever before. All month I’ve not had one single spot. My face looks and feels great.

2.I’m usually such a light sleeper. I struggle getting to sleep and when I finally do, the slightest things will wake me back up. Since drinking Kure, I’ve had long deep sleeps and I have not woken up in the night at all. I can’t believe how more refreshed and energised I feel.


Don’t believe me? Try it for yourself. You can find all the information and where to purchase on their website. Click here.

Anna encourages you to take the Kure Oxygen Next 100 Days Challenge! Why not try swapping the water you drink for Kure Oxygen and see if it transforms you? Anna says that at Kure, we want healthy living to be effortless.

Here’s the deal. Anna would like you to try Kure for the Next 100 Days. On average, we drink 1.5-2 litres per day. This amounts to somewhere between 12 and 17 cases for a period of 100 days. Try it, feel it and tell us about it!

Anna has a fantastic offer to all Next 100 Days listeners. All online purchases made in the next 100 day period will be at a whopping 25% discount! This is less than £1 for a 500 ml bottle! Use the promo code “Next100Days” at the checkout.

Anna gave us a discount code “next100days”. For a limited time that gives you 25% off at checkout.

To find out more about Anna, Visit her LinkedIn here.


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