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Meet Alfred with Martin Martinez

Meet Alfred is an all-in-one sales enablement software for LinkedIn, Email & Twitter. You may have heard about this before if you’re a frequent LikedIn user like myself. It’s a great way to market to people using your social media. Martin Martinez is here today to tell us all about it all the way from Sidney.

How did you get into the field?

A few years ago Martin launched a consulting business. It’s no longer active but it use to run virtual masterminds. When launching a new business, you try a lot of different things from a marketing perspective. So, Martin tried everything he could think of except tv and radio. He did everything you could possibly think of to get some attraction and interest.

Nothing was really sticking for him. It had been about 12 months. Luckily, Martin got introduced to a friend who actually runs a leading agents and introduced him to the world of LinkedIn. In particular, how you can actually build good relationships online and nurture those relationships online and then potentially turn them into customers. In a short period of time, Martin was able to get a large amount of interest and attraction for his business.

Thats where idea of LinkedIn really sparked. After about 3 month in to running the campaign successfully, Martin had to scale with around 15 consultants and advisers. The cost at the time was around $2500 a month and as a start up business to scale 10-15 people at that cost to get more customers was bit difficult for him.

But, once he knew the science of the relationship building and nurturing, what he did was hire a bunch of virtual assistance to do it it on his behalf. That worked out extremely well. It started becoming  quite repetative so Martin looked at the different tools on the market. Like many of us, Martins not a techy guy so he was looking for something simple and easy to use. When he couldn’t find anything he explored the idea of creating something himself.

Martin found a developer and then ventured into software. The developer is still wo

rking with Martin to this day. About 2 years into that business, Martin decided to release the tool on to the chrome web store as a lot of his customers were asking if they could use the LinkedIn automation tool too. So it got put up for his already existing customers to use. 6 months down the Line, the app has 6000 users that he

had no ides about!

It was a free product designed for his customers, and somehow with them spreading the word, its kept on growing and growing to this day!

What Makes Meet Alfred Different?

The technology was always based from a users perspective not from a technological perspective. Martin couldn’t code to save his life he says! So the developers built what Martin found useful and easy to use. That’s what he sees as a key differentiator. Everything he does is from a users perspective.

At Meet Alfred, they also pride themselves on customer support. They offer support 24/7 which not many of his competitors do. It’s so that Martin can educate the users of the app and help them get the most value out of it.

He also looks at what happens beyond linkedIn. You can start amazing business relationships on LinkedIn, you can nurture them. But now with Meet Alfred, you can go beyond that. You can take the relationship offline to email or twitter and other platforms.