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Presentations With James Ontra

Presentation management with Shufflrr is the next evolution of new PowerPoint presentations. It works from all types of files including video, MS Office files, PDFs, images and of course, PowerPoint. All your content is formatted to present. Then you can simply drag and drop and reuse it into a new presentation.

Everyone knows the stress of having a presentation coming up and constantly going back and fourth. Opening one, closing another, copying and pasting. Shufflrr provides an online library where you can upload all your PowerPoints and then pick and choose or mix and match your slides. You can ever recreate them in a minute or two. Shufflrr saves an estimated 5 hours off the time it takes to make presentations.

Shufflrr as a Product

James created Shufflrr as content management. He’s not recreating Power Point or making a new tool for that. Instead, he allows the majority of the existing tools to be used as a slide library for presentations. If James was to break it down simply, its basically content management where every file is formatted to present. So when you upload a file, no matter if it’s a PDF, a word, video, Shufflrr brings it all together. Your Presentations will have never looked so good.

A few well known companies that use Shufflrr are:


Where did the idea come from?

A presentation is about communication. Not just technology. It’s about a communications medium more importantly. As you know, there are many communication mediums. Radio, Tv, Internet, Newspapers. Presentations is the only medium that James noticed a gap in the market.

Throughout history, presentations are probably more important than the others combined. Cave people drew on walls, that was a presentation. Just about every religion has put stained glass in their place of worship, that’s a presentation. That’s a slide because before technology, they used the sun to present their message. As time goes on we still use presentations. Luckily James has created Shufflrr so that presentations can be even more simple.

One big key feature of Shufflrr is a brand change or a logo change. If your company changes brand or logo, Shufflrr makes it easy for you to change it on your slides. Usually, you would have to go one by one changing and updating everything which is extremely time consuming. On Shufflrr you have a published live library that’s always up to date. If you spell something wrong, it knows. Shufflrr is the managed medium for presentations!

What do the clients say about Shufflrr

James says that the clients really like how it centralises all of their marketing material and it’s easier to find the slides and re use. With all files being formatted to present, it means they’re visualised. So, when you upload a Powerpoint, you see all the images of the slides so it’s easy to find the right one. This means you won’t waste time opening all your presentations looking for a certain slide. It’s really easy to use. They also provide an in depth search on all the slides in your library. If you wanted a slide that had a certain topic mentioned, you can search for the word, the date, slide title. Everything is easy to access.

f you want to find out more about Shufflrr and are interested in what it can offer, download it today via the site here.

If you want to get in contact Graham, you can messagings him via his website

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