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Data Security With Kevin Coppins

Today we’re going all the way to Florida to learn all about data security! A very unbelievably talented man called Kevin joins us on The Next 100 Days.

What Brings You Into The World of Data Security

Kevin deals with data that matters. The tag line at his company, Experian, is “Protect What Matters Most”. The “What Matters Most?” portion of data is the digital versions of you and me. The digital bits, like your family, you neighbours, your dog. They are all bits of digital information you can find out online and resemble to make a digital version of yourself. It’s hard for Kevin to identify who you are if there’s two versions of you.

Unfortunately, it’s a frequent data security problem. People are going to send you emails with a link and they wanted you to click on. They’re not going to ask you for specifics, they’re going to ask you for one slither of data. They can take that one piece of data and take it to other data they’ve found on the dark web. Or, through doing general research through things like Facebook and LinkedIn. The hackers can take that stuff, stitch it together and quickly become you.

Identity Theft

One example he knows, is of a woman who had her driving licence stolen. A woman had taken that license and checked into the hospital with it. A different woman using her ID. That woman gave birth in hospital, to a child addicted to methamphetamine. After she had the child she left the hospital.

The hospital thought the woman on the driving license was the woman who had the baby. They showed up at the real woman’s house to take her children away. She was declared an “unfit mum”. This is when the stuff gets real in Kevin’s line of work.

What to do to Protect Yourself and Others Online Data

Kevin usually gives people a book called “200 ways to Protect Your Privacy”. It explains things like why you shouldn’t put your kids initials on their backpack. It could be an insight to your password, or your partners. If somebody knocked on your door, you’d assess who they are first before letting them inside. Just like with an email, you should always check it thoroughly first before clicking anything.


How did you get in the market?

When Kevin was a young boy, he had a dream about getting into Data Security. Throughout his career, he’s spent a lot of time I the identity and access business for the whole decade of 2010. Understanding identity was core. What is the who? Who do they have access to? Back in 2015 he watched a TedTalk. The guy talks about a golden circle. He says “people don’t buy what you do, they don’t buy how you do, they buy why you do it”. Kevin was continuously challenging the “why” of this company. He couldn’t find it, so he didn’t want to work there anymore. Jake got into this job and this role just speaking off of his passion. This job is getting harder and harder all the time. If you’re a big company and have loads of data, understanding the important from the none important bits it’s highly important.

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