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Why do you need to check the health of your business?

Are you stuck in a rut in your business? Maybe you know you could have something better than you have got now? But you don’t know where to start. Our Business Health Check is here to help you. The Health Check will give you an overall business health score, and point out the areas of your business that are doing well, and the areas that need attention.

It’s good to know how you are doing, and it’s good to know where to place your attention next. The Business Health Check is designed to help you set your priorities for the next 100 days and beyond. Its designed to help you in four ways.

Why don’t you set aside 30 minutes and take the Business Health Check now? You can take the Health Check by following this link.

The business health check helps you prioritise the most important things.

Sometimes there’s so much going on around you that you don’t know where your priority needs to be. We’ve built  the Business Health Check ito help you decide where your energies need to be channelled next and what should be the top of the list. Our Business Health Check gives you a way out of overwhelm, and helps you see the wood from the trees.

The Business Health Check helps you identify what’s constraining your business.

Most of us want to grow our businesses, but breaking through to the next level isn’t easy. There’s often a barrier in the way that’s difficult to break through. Every business will be constrained in some way or other. It might be lack of business owner’s time. Maybe you don’t have sufficient leads, You might be running out of capacity. Our business health check helps you identify where the barrier is and lets you start the process of removing the constraint.

The Business Health Check helps you maximise the market value of your business

A healthy business is also a valuable business, that potentially might have a strong market value. Its a good idea to build your business with an eventual sale in mind. The things that maximise value can’t be put in place overnight, they are a product of the way you build the business over an extended time period. That doesn’t mean you have the intent to sell the business, but it gives you the option.

Business value is a combination of lots of factors, and some of the key ones we consider in the Business Health Check are:

  • Whether your business is standardised into specific products or is offering a service that is highly customised to the needs of each individual client
  • Your strength of position in a specific niche & the uniqueness of your business offer
  • The rate of growth of your business, and the ability to scale should significant new investment be available.
  • How strongly are you, the business owner, linked to your products and services in the eyes of the customer.
  • Whether your business is too reliant on individual customers or employees

The Business Health Check helps you maximise business satisfaction

Many of the things that improve the value of your business will also improve your personal satisfaction and happiness. If your  business is dependent on your direct involvement in just about everything, then this will lead to stress and worry. That doesn’t mean to say that putting the right resources around you is the cure for everything. So the Business Health Check looks at a number of factors related to stress, happiness, purpose and sense of fulfillment.

How does the Business Health Check work?

The Business health check is an online questionnaire. You can take the Health Check by following this link. There are 40 questions, spread across 8 key areas. These are:

  1. Business strategy and planning
  2. Financial management
  3. Sales and marketing
  4. Customers
  5. Processes and procedures
  6. Business team (or business support if you work alone)
  7. Business happiness
  8. Resilience and business continuity

Answers to questions drive a score for each of the 8 areas, and these are combined to give an overall score. We use a red, amber green traffic lighting to highlight where it would appear attention is most needed,

The initial score is available on screen as soon as you complete the Business Health Check, and this is also e-mailed to you along with a record of your answer to each question.

The initial result is followed by a more detailed PDF report. We aim to mail this to you within 24 hours of completing the Business Health Check questionnaire. The PDF can’t give specific advice, its simply a starting point. You might want to talk things through, and there’s an option available to book a free coaching call. We can use that to work through some of the issues that are holding you back.

Why don’t you set aside 30 minutes and take the Business Health Check now? You can take the Health Check by following this link.