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Copywriting with David Garfinkel

David Garfinkel is The World’s Greatest Copywriting Coach. In this week’s episode, David continues to go through the Old Masters.

David Garfinkel, The World's Greatest Copywriting Coach, The Next 100 Days Podcast

Maxwell Sackheim

Check out Sackheim’s headline:      Do You Make These Mistakes in ….

Can the headline be adapted to:  …talking to your wife? Come listen to what I’m doing and avoid all these mistakes.

Always give your reader something to do. Otherwise, you’ll lose them forever. In direct mail, it could be a coupon. This all talks to having a Call to Action. It could be give your email address. Give me your phone number. Sign up for a free consultation.

John Caples

How to put enthusiasm into your copy.

Caples says get moving. Write anythings. Just get started. When you are frozen, your brain doesn’t work properly for copywriting.

The second step, before you publish it. Cool down. Get a legal check.

The number one fear is PUBLIC SPEAKING. People are afraid of others laughing at them. That’s the idea behind the headline. Plus that ad was his first in a new job.

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We got talking about speaking. David mentioned his friend, Patricia Fripp. Apparently she got help from SIX comedy coaches. She has won loads of awards for speaking. David says Patricia worked damned hard for her success. The greats know how to reach out and get help!

Claude Hopkins

Use the power of drama to make a boring product interesting.

David told us about ‘vegetable shortening

“Drama is life with all the dull bits cut out” – Alfred Hitchcock.

Victor Schwab – How to Write a Good Advertisement

Schwab said there a 5 fundamentals in the writing of a good advertisement:

  1. Get Attention
  2. Show people an Advantage
  3. Prove it
  4. Persuade people to grasp this advantage
  5. Ask for action.

We asked David to recall these bullets off the top of his head, and all bar one, he did. Amazing.

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