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Fixed Income Investments with Rob Carroll

Rob Carroll the CEO of Avantis Wealth joins Kevin and Graham to discuss fixed income investments. We’ll cover a range of options for HNW and Sophisticated Investors who wish to get more fixed income into their portfolio.

Rob Carroll, Fixed Income Investments, The Next 100 Days Podcast

Why Fixed Income Investments?

Well, you might not get excited about such investments, but it is something an investor can wrap into their investment portfolios.

The investments that Avantis Wealth offer provide investors income options as well. For example, they market two investments from the same developer. One is a distressed asset – so the developer can snap up opportunities in the market. That option comes with a bi-annual income based on 15% per annum. From the same provider, another option is a monthly income option, at 12% which delivers you 1% per month over the term.

Avantis Wealth clients often opt for a 12 months term, then re-invest the money. The team at Avantis do not advise. They’ll present information to an investor and then the investor will make up their mind.

What a Fixed Income Investment Investor Considers

  • term
  • return
  • how risk averse they are

Many of their clients are BUY TO LET investors. They are landlords.

A property investment is good over the longer term. We are reaching the top of the market. That means, you are not likely to get further extensive gains on your property asset. So for a Buy-to-Let landlord, they can bring in this type of fixed income investment to shore up their yields.

Same thing for the stock market. The volatile the market, the more sense it makes to have fixed income investments. There is no correlation between stock market volatility and these property investments.

Kevin Appleby has been investing for his mother and found annual bond rates of 1%. That’s pretty unimpressive when set against 12%!

How Much Extra Risk Is Kevin’s Mum Taking?

Let’s start with the fact that these investments are unregulated. You’ll expect and not be surprised that Avantis spends a lot of time mitigating risk through due diligence.

All Investments Have a Security Trustee

Are You Interested in Discovering More?

Why Would an Investor Choose Avantis Wealth?

Investors will get a due diligence pack from Avantis. Due diligence is really a web of paperwork. Plus a web of research. Avantis presents that in a pragmatic way. Then, if you want to burrow down into the weeds, there are links in the paperwork that you can discover more. All the paperwork is connected up. But, it must be said, that every investor must do their own due diligence. The materials from Avantis is their rationale for the offer being made on their platform.

At the moment Avantis has 8 different investments, but there’s more coming. If you are interested, complete the contact form above.

Fixed Income Investments, The Next 100 Days Podcast Fixed Income Investments, The Next 100 Days Podcast Fixed Income Investments, The Next 100 Days Podcast

Tell us about Bridging

There is a massive demand for business bridging loans. That’s because the economy is coming to life again after the pandemic. To secure the capital they have to put up a property (like the principal’s house) as security.

Rob explained what Business Bridging is all about. With the impact of the pandemic, businesses have had a tough time. So, now we are coming back to life, businesses need to reignite, and invest into staff, facilities, operations, even new offices. The company that Rob introduces investors to have just completed their first £1.5 million business bridging loan. The loan is registered at Companies House and is secured against a Director’s house.

Rob also points to opportunities. Businesses have gone under. That means, there is stock sitting there. Companies are using Bridging to buy up stock from others companies to resell.

Distressed assets – what are they all about?

Rob talked about inflation. That bites into your savings. Some of the investments have ISA wraps. We also talked extensively about ESG investments. Environment, Social and Governance. A lot of investors are asking businesses to state what their ESG credentials are.

For smaller businesses, it is a genuine hard slog to reach new rules about ESG.

So, What’s the Minimum Investment?


Testimonial from Rob Carroll

Short but sweet! Much like his range of fixed income investments!

Just to be naughty, I thought we should include Rob’s first attempt at a Testimonial!

…which reveals as much as anything about Avantis Wealth. They are a great bunch, want to have fun but are truly dedicated to bringing investors some great fixed income investments.

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