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University & Business Partnerships with Dr David Spicer

Small businesses looking to develop business partnerships with Universities should pay attention to this podcast. Dr David Spicer works for The University of Bradford. David later spent time working in retail with Woolworths where he ran a shop. Later, he spent time in their HR department


Business Partnerships, Universities, Dr David Spicer, The Next 100 Days Podcast

His academic focus became how organisations learn. The research was all about how managers shared knowledge with others in the team.

David has been driven by the idea of business partnerships.

University and Business Partnerships Have Driven David’s Career

David mentioned Charles Handy. Never heard of him? Well, here’s a link to The Wisdom of Charles Handy

“We need to be as applied as we can be”, says Dr David Spicer. To kevin’s point regarding Balanced Scorecards – he can teach the theory in university easily, but it is the practical application with politics and the right content that will make it zing!

Students Who Work in Industry Out-Perform Those That Don’t

The thing about being a student is you want to immerse yourself in the potential a university offers. If you want a continuation of schools spoon feeding you, then you’re shorting your own future. Bradford University builds into their programmes, the opportunities to gain experience, build confidence and get valuable understanding which will make entry into the workforce a great deal easier.

In this clip, David explains the real benefits for both students and businesses from the programme at Bradford University. How to make yourself compelling to an employer!

The Knowledge Transfer Network

For more information on KTN, go here.

The University puts on seminars for local small businesses. Imparting knowledge and facilitating networking. Students come along too.

Times Higher Education Award went to Bradford University for BUSINESS SCHOOL OF THE YEAR.

Business School of the Year, Times Higher Education Award, Dr David Spicer, The Next 100 Days Podcast

David encourages small businesses to see local universities as a resource. For instance, collaborative reports. The universities have students who are keen to work with businesses. The students themselves are supported by academic faculty members. They can help you get that report done. You know, that report you’ve not got round to doing.

No Front Door At Universities

This is a challenge for the Universities to make it easier for businesses to find their way into the university itself. The Business School at Bradford relocated to the main campus. This makes the university a bigger and better hub. David says it makes the place more permeable for students and businesses.

Is the Future Looking Good for Small Businesses?

Kevin makes the point that learning is accelerating because of the internet. He sees LinkedIn learning. Is it a threat to universities? Any encouragements into your model is a threat, says David. But, there is space for different programmes. Universities offer professional standards accreditation too, alongside degrees. The other big dynamic that has changed the sector is the apprenticeship. None of this will undermine the value of a University degree.

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And a big shout out to the person who really makes everything work….Elaine Dean.

Elaine Dean, David Spicer, The Next 100 Days Podcast

Dr David Spicer gives a Testimonial to The Next 100 Days Podcast


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