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Creating Engaging Content with Odessa Sherreard

Creating engaging content is a Labour of love for Odessa Sherreard. Every day she spends her time on LinkedIn engaging with people to create leads for businesses. However, it is how she does it that is instructional.

Odessa Sherreard, The Next 100 Days Podcast, Creating Engaging Content

Odessa helps businesses find and promote their voice across social media. This helps to get their brand “out there” and feel represented. Above all, it’s about doing this in a more personal human way. Graham looked up the name Odessa. It derives from the Greek word Odyssey. Which translates as “long journey”. He quipped that he thought the podcast might go on forever!

On LinkedIn 24/7

The LinkedIn Pretenders

What does engagement mean to Odessa?

For a lot of people, they tend to assume that engagement is what happens to their own content. This means It’s not just about looking at what others are commenting on your posts. For Odessa, it is about having conversations with anybody. First, it doesn’t have to be on your content. Second, either you support someone else’s content or just join in the conversation.

Odessa says you need to be intentional about where you leave comments. Not so much random, more where you add value. So you may be commenting that reaffirms your voice, your brand etc.

Odessa is living the dream

Amazingly, Odessa spends most of every day on LinkedIn. She likes it. For her that is a revelation. Odessa enjoys working alongside her colleague. He values her and it makes for an enjoyable working environment.

In addition, Odessa enjoys her writing and what she is discussing. It is a form of addiction, she just wants to do more of it.

Odessa also supports a Pre-School

Interestingly, Odessa feels the physical community she grew up in has somewhat dissipated. By contrast, her view is it has shifted onto social media. Oddly, social media has connected Odessa to more local people.

Be Authentic

You don’t need to come up with a grand ‘interest’. Use your favourite ‘Dad Joke”. My dog did this, do you like dogs. Respond with a piece of yourself.

How does Odessa learn things about her clients?

In order that Odessa speaks in the voice of her client, first, she needs to understand them. Moreover, she deploys a questionnaire.

  • Favourite holiday
  • the things you’d learn about them as a friend
  • she’ll listen to their turn of phrase
  • she picks clients where there is an attachment between them.
  • It is a difficult skill to write in someone else’s voice

Moreover, Odessa’s zoom introduction meetings ask:

  • what do they want to achieve with their business
  • if they came to her because of something Odessa had written, what was it that resonated with them
  • she listens to what they want, she tells them what she can do and the route that is best taken to achieve their goals.
  • social media can take a few months before results.
  • so, honesty is important.

Redefining Leads

The lead that Odessa provides is really a conversation. Her client follows up.

Odessa Gives The Next 100 Days Podcast a Testimonial

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