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Brandon T Adams is an advisor that has helped companies and individuals grow their revenue, brand, and high-level business relationships through video marketing strategies, in-person events, and TV production.

Brandon T Adams, The Next 100 Days Podcast, Video Marketing

How Brandon Got Started

He started as a delivery guy for his Dad’s ice making distribution business.

About 13 years ago, Brandon started transitioning to the online world where he found his video marketing skills. He didn’t want to sell ice for the rest of his life.

Brandon found himself on Shark Tank

Brandon’s innovation was the Arctic Stick.

Brandon T Adams, Arctic Stick, Video Marketing, The Next 100 Days Podcast

Brandon pivoted again, this time into Crowdfunding

He did press, media, events and raised money initially for Arctic Stick, then later for others.

He exploited his knowledge of crowdfunding by helping a few influential people with their campaigns.

Brandon helped John Lee Dumas “Entrepreneurs on Fire” raise $500k for journals – the 5th largest crowdfunding raise in history.

Layer, he did a campaign for Kevin Hartington from Shark Tank.

He did the largest crowdfunding campaign for a docu-drama – Think and Grow Rich. All of which lead to Brandon piloting again – by producing his own TV shows.

King of Crowdfunding

The Road to Success Book

You can get the book Brandon and his wife wrote about their Success tour.

The Road to Success, Brandon T Adams, The Next 100 Days Podcast

Success Formula


Video Marketing

Brandon’s skill is marketing distribution. Watch.


Contact Brandon

Click image to go to Brandon’s website.

Brandon T Adams, The Next 100 Days Podcast, Video Marketing

Brandon T Adams Testimonial for The Next 100 Days Podcast

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