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All About Webinars

If you haven’t run a webinar yet, then this podcast is for you. Have you seen the emergence of video on the web? You have? Well, it’s time to get involved. Video is becoming a dominant medium. Twitter introduced Periscope. Facebook has Facebook Live. There’s YouTube too. Video is important to you if you are doing business online. It is looking like Facebook Live will present options for you in the same way as Webinars do.

Some things make webinars different.

When you put a webinar together the end-to-end process is an entire sales funnel.

An advert that directs people to a sign up page > capturing a name and email address along with a registration for a webinar at a particular time > sending a series of reminder emails to trail the main event > in the webinar, you get to present live to camera, or play pre-recorded video or screen-shot mode (like PowerPoint) > webinar provides a chat box for feedback > and when the ‘teaching’ part of the webinar moves into the ‘sales’ part of the webinar, you can display buttons for people to click that will transit to a sales page > plus the webinar can be recorded to enable you to do things with the recording.

Advert – the use of headlines to grab people’s attention. Appeal to an audience. The more your advert resonates with people with the specific issues your webinar addresses the more chance you have to make a sale.

The webinar can be sold on limited access. You might not get in. So act now and secure your seat. Attend at a time which is good for you.

You don’t have to be in front of the screen either. Talk to slides.

Kevin bought a white board to do his first Periscope presentation. But there is more to doing a few slides. You have to be prepared. There are a number of moving parts. The Apple alternative is Keynote.

How long should the webinar be? An hour to 90 minutes. So about a PowerPoint of 30 slides. You can of course keep attention by adding images and one point per slide. Don’t put your speaking notes as points on your slides.

The landing page is designed to capture your email and name and how to join the webinar.

The reminder emails are important to get you to attend. So many people fall off. Kevin cloned Amy Porterfield’s emails to attend her webinar course. Shamelessly copy!

You will get early drop offs as some people realise the content is not right for them.

What about webinar software?

The software: There are two options that lead the market: WEBINAR JAM and EASY WEBINAR. Both tools have good reviews and cover  everything. Kevin has used WEBINAR JAM.

The landing page. Typically, you might do several webinars in a day. Recognising an international audience. The landing page will help you choose the time of webinar you want. The emails you send to remind people has to be co-ordinated with the webinar they chose to attend. Doing this with AWeber or Mailchimp is really difficult.

TIP: Do a practice run.
TIP: You can create an automated presentation and live answer chat box questions. This allows you to ‘perfect’ your presentation. You can manage the webinar rather than focus on doing the webinar.
TIP: Can you get a colleague to join you to handle the chat box.

For a webinar to be worthwhile, run it for at least 20 minutes. Communicate relevant content to the audience that you want. The better your message to market match is, the greater the sale chance?

You can do all this without Webinar Jam, but you have to manage a lot of moving parts. So here’s the LINK!

Maybe authenticity comes from a mix and live elements. Feedback in the chat box allows you to re-present parts of what you are saying again.

WebinarJam allows more than one presenter too. Now that means Kevin will probably rope me into a future webinar!!

Ultimately, you probably want a one-to-one conversation. This is a good way to close more sales.

The Numbers behind a webinar

Kevin answers a few questions:

How many people sign up to a webinar offer or £500 and you want 10 customers. Average conversion is 2-6%.
So you need between 167 and 500 people onto the webinar.
If I need 167 registrants. What is the show up rate? 20-30%
You need 550 registered.
Landing page registration – 20%. That means 2,700 people to land on the landing page.
How many people do you show a Facebook Ad to so 2,700 people turn up?
That’s 50,000 Facebook ads.
£6k ads in FB to get £10k back.

The ROI looks ok, and if it consistently stayed that way. You’d continue to invest.

The question you should ask, is am I addressing the REAL pains of my audience? You want a ‘hungry audience’.

How can you improve on that benchmark? Create your own benchmark. Take a close look at WebinarJam. It costs $397/yr.

So are webinars a good one to many sales channel that competes with having a salesperson?

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