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Personal Development

Amanda & Engel Jones have created the first of 12 personal development books. We recorded the podcast just one week before Engel turned 40. This podcast was all about having a good time, talking to friends and diving deep into brilliant personal development ideas.

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Podcast Summary

A Returning Hero

  • Kevin, Amanda, Engel, and Graham talked about releasing a series of 12 books on YouTube, discussing backgrounds for shows, and planning interviews with designers.
  • They also mentioned Kevin’s grandchildren and introduced Amanda as a guest.

The Books

  • Engel, Graham, and Kevin discussed creating a book series that focuses on personal development.
  • The series is divided into three blocks: “Who am I?” “Why am I here?” and “Do I matter?” each consisting of four books that explore different aspects of self-discovery and reflection.
  • Engel, Graham, and Kevin discussed the importance of understanding one’s identity and choosing based on personal values.
  • They emphasised the significance of consequences and hoped that their book would guide young readers in making thoughtful decisions.

Intentions and Choices

  • Engel, Graham, and Kevin discussed the importance of intentions and choices in achieving desired outcomes.
  • They also touched on self-assessment and affirming one’s beliefs to understand their purpose in life.
  • Engel and Graham discussed the achievement of Engel’s 12 books and their impact on helping others pursue excellence.
  • They also mentioned receiving feedback from beta readers.


  • Engel, Graham, and Kevin discussed the target audience for their book, which was primarily the Caribbean audience but also aimed to resonate with the Caribbean diaspora.
  • They also touched on the marketing strategies for reaching local and expat populations.

Stage Play & PR

  • Engel, Graham, and Kevin discussed the launch of Engel’s book and the idea of turning it into a stage production.
  • They also discussed marketing strategies, including podcasts and postcards, to expand their audience and promote their work.
  • Graham, Kevin, and Engel discussed the potential of using PR and television to promote their book launch event.
  • They also considered the impact of their true-life story, which had elements of faith, on their audience.

Their Book Captivated a 17-Year-Old

  • Engel, Graham, and Kevin discussed their book and its impact on readers, particularly a 17-year-old girl engrossed in the story.
  • They also discussed their plans to create group sessions for self-reflection and personal growth, welcoming people from different backgrounds, including ex-pat Caribbeans.


  • Engel, Graham, Kevin, and others talked about their experience being guests on the Next 100 Days podcast.
  • They discussed their enjoyment of the podcast, guests’ diversity, and appreciation for the hosts’ work.
  • Kevin, Graham, and Engel discussed the importance of consistency in writing and the need for mentorship in the Caribbean.

Interview Possibilities 

  • They also talked about the challenges of creating products that apply to specific markets and the value of actively listening to target audiences.
  • Graham, Engel, and Kevin discussed various topics, including personal development, target audience, and marketing strategies for a book. 
  • They explored the idea of using recorded conversations to capture the essence of the individuals and enhance the creative process.

Clips from the Podcast

12 Books

A Love Story (and a halo)



Targeting the Caribbean Diaspora


Amanda & Engel Gave Us this Amazing Testimonial


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