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Daniel Okuniewski is a goalkeeping coach. He chatted with Kevin Appleby on LinkedIn and was invited to appear on The Next 100 Days Podcast. So, did he save the day in his first-ever podcast, or was the team knocked out?

Daniel Okuniewski, Goalkeeping, QPR, Coach, The Next 100 Days Podcast

Summary of Podcast

Daniel’s Background

  • Daniel was the goalkeeping coach for Queens Park Rangers.
  • He is Polish and has worked in Lithuania.
  • Daniel left his role with QPR to pursue a full-time career in business.

Off-Pitch Influence

  • We discussed off-pitch preparation and organisation in football, connecting the club’s strategy with on-pitch performance.
  • The significance of talent development was discussed along with teamwork and the determination to succeed in achieving goals.
  • Daniel stressed the importance of the psychological aspect in a player’s performance, particularly in football.
  • Daniel emphasised the need to understand the players’ mindset and purpose.


Danish for Joyful Work

  • Joy at work is the way to create a happy and inviting environment for players.
  • We also discussed Daniel’s career in culture change and restructuring projects and his involvement with Bliss Hotel Group.
  • At Bliss, he helped create a seamless customer journey for a new resort hotel in Southport.
  • Creating a positive and engaging customer experience in the hospitality industry, focusing on warm greetings surprises and exceeding expectations.

High-Pressure Training to Make the Real Game Easier

  • They also touched on the role of simplicity and preparation in high-pressure environments, using the example of a goalkeeper’s decision-making process.
  • Daniel, Kevin, and Graham discussed the importance of managing stress and making quick decisions as a goalkeeper during penalty shootouts.
  • They also emphasised the need for mental preparation, clear thinking, and relying on practised skills to increase the chances of saving penalties.

Daniel Okuniewski, Goalkeeping, Salford v Leeds United, Coach, The Next 100 Days Podcast

Daniel’s Standout Memory

  • The discussion revolved around Daniel’s standout memory in his coaching career, where a goalkeeper expressed gratitude towards him after a game.
  • They also discussed the challenge of creating a positive and enjoyable work environment
  • This means emphasising the importance of finding aspects of the job that employees can like and building on that to foster happiness and productivity.

Support Employee Passions

  • Daniel, Graham, and Kevin discussed the positive impact of creating a working environment that supports employees’ passions and interests.
  • They shared examples of how investing in employees’ personal development, such as funding photography courses, led to increased loyalty, creativity, and career opportunities.
  • Daniel, Graham, and Kevin had a conversation about the importance of passion, purpose, and people in various aspects of life, including sports and business.

Clips of the Podcast

Football and Business

Off-Pitch Purpose WHAT, WHY, WHO and WHEN

Training Based on WHO THEY ARE


Testimonial from Goalkeeping Coach Daniel Okunwieski

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