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Software Development

Marian Seliuchenko specialises in providing cutting-edge software development. His company is based in Kviv, Ukraine and he is this week’s guest on The Next 100 Days Podcast.

Marian Seliuchenko, Unillence, Software Development, Ukraine, The Next 100 Days Podcast

Summary of Podcast


  • Kevin, Graham, and Marian discussed the start of Marian’s software consulting business, Unillence.
  • Unillence is a team of engineers to help businesses with software development.
  • Despite the war in Ukraine, Marian and his team decided to continue and develop the business as they believed it could contribute to the country’s economy.

Software Development Company

  • Graham, Marian, and Kevin discussed the challenges and focus of Marian’s software development company.
  • Marian has focused his business on serving startups.
  • Startups want flexible consulting services and the ability to develop a minimum viable product.

The Current War

  • Marian discussed the challenges of working in war and how their team overcame obstacles.
  • They have faced power outages and missile threats.
  • The team’s agility and commitment to safety and delivering results impressed Graham and Kevin.
  • Despite the war, Marian expressed optimism about his team’s resilience and ability to thrive.

What does Unillence Do?

  • Their range of services includes back-end development, AI integration, and their willingness to find or acquire the necessary expertise to meet client requirements.
  • In the discussion, Marian mentioned that some engineers in their team were excited about using AI language models to generate code and save time.
  • However, they also acknowledged that for more complex problems, manual coding was still necessary.
  • Marian also expressed their focus on building a great team, developing people, and giving them opportunities to try new things in order to deliver the best results and value for their customers.

If You Want Agility, Turn to Unillence

  • Marian’s insights and expertise impressed the hosts, Graham and Kevin.
  • Choose to work with Unillence if you seek agility.
  • Choosing Ukraine for software development can be a valuable decision.

Clips of the Podcast

Exclusive View of The Next 100 Days Podcast SCRIPT

Marian is Building a Software Development Team

Maybe Not The Best Timing!

How Unillence Helps Start-Ups with Software Development

What Sort of Daily Challenges Do They Have?


Marian Seliuchenko Testimonial for The Next 100 Days Podcast

Response From Software Development Leader Marian 

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