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Creating Careers

Carolyn Parry is the head honcho at Career Alchemy; they are focused on creating careers. Her site’s headline is ‘Help to Escape a Job You Hate and Create a Career You Love’. Tune into this week’s podcast to learn how she does it.

Creating Careers, Carolyn Parry, The Next 100 Days Podcast, Career Alchemy

Summary of Podcast

Background to the Podcast

  • Kevin looks like he’s arranged another corporate escape story with guest Carolyn Parry.
  • Graham, Carolyn, and Kevin discussed career coaching and the challenges faced by both students and experienced professionals.
  • They highlighted the importance of understanding oneself.
  • The key is to find a career that aligns with one’s strengths, interests, and values.

Creating Careers in The Gig Economy

  • Kevin, Carolyn, and Graham discussed the opportunities and challenges of the gig economy and using the internet for business.
  • Carolyn and Graham discussed the limitations of career services.
  • Her business focuses on providing support to professionals.
  • They also talked about the impact of artificial intelligence on various industries and the value of creating a fulfilling working life.

Start with Your Values

  • Carolyn and Graham discussed the importance of starting with values when considering a career path.
  • They also emphasised the need for professional guidance in exploring one’s desired direction.
  • You have to look at factors such as skills, personality, and labour market conditions.

Video Pitches

  • One recent development has been recruiters wanting a short introductory video.
  • Carolyn mentioned the ethical considerations of using AI in the hiring process.,
  • Her business is called Career Alchemy.

It’s Your JOB That’s Made Redundant, Not You Dummy!

  • They also touched on the impact of job redundancy and the mindset needed to navigate career challenges.
  • You have to manage your emotions during times of change.
  • On top of that, you’ll be better off if you develop career management skills.
  • We discussed the value of human interaction and listening in coaching and mentoring, highlighting the limitations of AI in this regard.

Change Your Story – Carolyn’s Creating Careers Book

  • Carolyn mentioned her upcoming book, “Change Your Story,” which aims to inspire readers with “ah-ha” moments and the confidence to make career changes.
  • The book focuses on personal and professional development.
  • Carolyn shared her coaching model and the purpose of her book.
  • She aims to help as many people as possible struggling with their careers.

Who Inspires Carolyn?

  • Carolyn discussed her sources of advice, mentioning her love for reading books by figures like Seth Godin and Malcolm Gladwell.
  • She also talked about her interest in scaling career coaching and guidance.


  • Graham, Carolyn, and Kevin discussed their experience on the Next 100 Days podcast and the importance of storytelling in the future.

Clips of the Podcast

What Do You Do?

Good Career Coaching

Write Your Own Story

Start With Values

Carolyn Parry Testimonial for The Next 100 Days Podcast

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Carolyn Parry, Creating Careers, The Next 100 Days Podcast, Career Alchemy

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