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Hire Better People

Ryan Englin joins Kevin Appleby and Graham Arrowsmith to discuss how to hire better people. His business is Corematters, and he hails from Nashville.

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Summary of the Podcast

Background to Hire Better People Faster

  • Kevin, Ryan, and Graham talked about Ryan’s book and his process for helping entrepreneurs recruit people into their businesses.
  • They also discussed the pronunciation of Ryan’s surname and had a friendly banter throughout the conversation.
  • Ryan, Graham, and Kevin discussed how Ryan’s business, Core Matters, helps struggling entrepreneurs and teams attract and hire great people by applying marketing strategies to the recruitment process.

Why Do People Switch Jobs?

  • Understanding why people switch jobs was discussed. Culture!
  • Creating a positive team culture to attract the right candidates.

Be a Buyer When Recruiting

  • Graham, Ryan, and Kevin discussed the importance of building successful teams and the need for employers to approach interviews as a buying process rather than a selling process.
  • They emphasised the significance of focusing on culture fit and behaviour rather than just skills when evaluating candidates.

Interview in a Natural Environment for the Role

  • Interview candidates in their natural environment to assess their behaviour and fit within the company culture.
  • Observe how candidates think, take care of tools, and handle challenges rather than solely focusing on technical skills.
  • Ryan discussed how smaller companies focused on being intentional about their culture rather than trying to change it.
  • He also explained that traditional staffing agencies and recruiters often fail to understand the importance of culture in attracting and retaining good people.

The New Book “Hire Better People Faster”

  • Ryan and Graham discussed Ryan’s book “Higher Better People Faster” (get the book here: ), which outlines their core fit hiring system and how to implement it effectively.
  • They also talked about the importance of employee referral programs.
  • Create a successful one without offering monetary rewards.

Effective Communication

  • Graham, Ryan, and Kevin discussed the challenges of recruiting employees and the importance of effective communication in attracting the right candidates.
  • They also emphasised the need for marketing campaigns and training programs to address the future workforce needs in industries like trades.
  • Ryan, Graham, and Kevin discussed their motivations for writing a book to help entrepreneurs achieve their goals and build effective teams.


  • Ryan was a beat tester for Fathom.
  • They also talked about their positive experiences with Fathom, a tool that helps with note-taking and creating podcast summaries.
  • Ryan, Graham, and Kevin discussed the potential of AI in automating tasks and content ideation for marketing materials.
  • They also mentioned the importance of focusing on the people side of the business and the positive experience of being on the podcast.
  • Graham, Ryan, and Kevin discussed the importance of hiring the right people and its impact on a business.
  • They also mentioned Ryan’s upcoming book, “Hire Better People Faster,” which provides insights and strategies for effective recruiting.

Clips from the Podcast

How The Process Was Born

How Does Marketing and Recruiting Fit Together?

Typical Client Problem

Recruit Interview and Onboarding – All Marketing

Everybody Has a Culture

LinkedIn Follower Strategy




Ryan Englin’s Testimonial


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