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Island Pellet Stoves

Marc Howell is the founder of Island Pellet Stoves. If you live in an off-gas property, you may be considering a pellet stove for heating your home.

Marc Howell, Island Pellet Stoves, Sustainability, Eco-heating, Pellet Stoves, The Next 100 Days Podcast

Summary of Podcast

Island Pellet Stoves, Origins and Challenges

  • Marc, Kevin, and Graham talked about Marc’s sustainable energy company, Island Pellet Stoves.
  • They discussed the following:
    • challenges they faced in finding suitable pellet stoves
    • availability of pelletised wood fuel in the UK
    • start of Marc’s business journey in 2010.
  • Marc’s big contribution was to create a small black box pellet stove that would fit into small British fireplaces.

Advantages of Pellet Stoves versus Log Burning Stoves

  • They also talked about the advantages of pellet stoves over traditional log burners,
    • convenience
    • sustainability
    • and lower cost per kilowatt hour.

How Pellets are Made

  • Marc, Graham, and Kevin discussed the process of making wood pellets from sawdust as a sustainable alternative for heating homes.
  • They also mentioned the availability of different grades of pellets.

Heat the Whole House

  • Marc discussed the possibility of using a stove to heat an entire house to replace an oil boiler.
  • There are benefits of installing a boiler stove with a hot water tank to provide a decent flow of hot water for showers.

More Benefits of Stoves

  • They also talked about the simplicity of adding pellets to the boiler. and the importance of flame quality and low noise levels in stove designs.
  • Graham, Marc, and Kevin discussed the benefits of watching a flame, the evolutionary connection to fire, and the feedback from clients regarding their dogs’ reactions to the flame.
  • They also talked about the smokeless feature of the stove and how it resolved a client’s issue with smoke in a residential area.

DEFRA Regulate Smoke Control

  • In the conversation, Marc explains that the UK Department of Environment and Food and Rural Affairs regulates the smoke control area regulations and approves appliances for use in these areas.
  • He also mentions that their range of stoves is currently the only one approved for use in smoke control areas, which covers a significant portion of the UK population.

What Makes Pellet Stoves Attractive to Consumers?

  • Marc, Graham, and Kevin discussed various factors that make Pellet stoves appealing:
    • flame quality,
    • size,
    • reliability,
    • carbon neutrality.

Balanced Flue

  • They also highlighted the uniqueness of the balanced flue design used in the stoves, which allows for shorter chimney heights and eliminates the need for a traditional chimney in certain circumstances.

Marc Howell – at Play!

  • He has an interest in stone circles and his pastime of exploring them.

Clips from the Podcast

Marc’s Background

Tell Us More About Island Pellet Stoves

Fits into the British Fireplace

How Big Does it Need to Be?

Cleaner than Wood Stoves (20 to 30 times cleaner!)?

Logs versus Pellets

How Much Do I Buy – Pellets?

A1 Pellets costs around £350-400 per tonne. A1 relates to the ash content.

Grade of Pellets

Less ash less clean up.

Can You Heat The Entire House?

Lundy 8 – Boiler

Integrates Old Boiler

Freestanding Ramsey

Patented Flame Design

Feedback – your dog is likely to love the flame!

Balanced Flue

Marc’s Pastime


Marc Howell’s Testimonial for The Next 100 Days Podcast

Get in Touch with Island Pellet Stoves

Visit: to access a brilliant offer from Marc and Island Pellet Stoves: Click the image.

Marc Howell, Island Pellet Stoves, Sustainability, Eco-heating, Pellet Stoves, The Next 100 Days Podcast

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