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Strategy for Coaches

Jason Van Orden provides strategy for coaches and consultants. He is also the reason why Kevin Appleby and Graham Arrowsmith decided to start The Next 100 Days Podcast. He is our very special guest for the 400th episode of The Next 100 Days Podcast.

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Summary of Podcast

What Jason is Doing Now

  • Jason’s current focus is to provide strategy to coaches and consultants.
  • This helps them unlock their next level of income and impact by shifting their business models and creating one-to-many offers.

Narrow Your Audience

  • Jason and Graham discuss the importance of narrowing down their ideal client base.
  • This helps to focus on delivering specific outcomes in order to increase coaches and consultant capacity to provide value.
  • But, there is resistance to this mindset shift.
  • That’s where Jason steps in. With effective marketing systems to attract the right clients.

Signature Process

  • They also mention the importance of customer discovery and developing a signature process to guide clients towards their goals.
  • Jason and Graham discussed the benefits of formalising a signature process for their businesses, which would allow them to brand themselves and attract more clients.
  • They also addressed concerns about potential competition among clients.
  • A supportive group dynamic can actually enhance the learning experience and provide validation for everyone involved.

Different Models of Business

  • Graham, Jason, and Kevin discussed different models of business and the benefits of bringing people together in groups or cohorts.
  • Jason shared his approach of combining various models to create a customised offer.
  • He teaches his clients how to replicate and adapt the model for their own businesses.

Internet Business Mastery

  • Jason shares his transition from running Internet Business Mastery to teaching and supporting people in a more interactive and connected way.
  • Despite the success and audience of Internet Business Mastery, Jason made the decision to walk away from it.
  • This decision was made so he could pursue new challenges and avoid the noise and exaggerated claims of the online business market.

Leveraging Your Unique Abilities

  • Graham and Jason discussed the importance of identifying and leveraging one’s unique abilities and approach in order to stand out in their respective fields.
  • They discussed narrowing down and owning a specific space or expertise to attract clients and provide exceptional value.

Done for you OR Done with you?

  • Jason, Graham, and Kevin discussed different business models and strategies, including the “done for you” and “done with you” approaches.
  • They also talked about the importance of remarkability and finding unique solutions to help clients overcome past failures and move forward.
  • Jason, Graham, and Kevin discussed the concept of the Remarkability Factor and how it can help people overcome their ingrained beliefs and find a different approach to achieve their goals.

For More on Jason’s Remarkability Factor – go here:

Clips of the Podcast

Serve Many or the Few?

Mindset Strategy for Coaches

What Do Coaches Want? – Signature Process

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