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Church of Scotland

The Reverend Donald McCorkindale is Minister of Ardour and Kingairloch, linked with Morvern, linked with Strontian and Presbytery Clerk in Lochaber, all within the Church of Scotland. Kevin and Graham really liked Reverend Donald. He was willing to engage even in a thought-provoking conversation. You might not agree with the variety of views expressed, but do listen, as it is rare that the clergy get involved in business podcasts. A first for The Next 100 Days, a first that’s taken about eight years!

Reverend Donald McCorkindale, Church of Scotland, The Next 100 Days Podcast,


Summary of Podcast


  • Graham, Kevin, and Rev Donald had a conversation about their upcoming podcast episode.
  • Graham’s maternal Grandmother lived in Anniesland barely 2 miles from the School Donald went to.

Donald’s Patch

Reverend Donald McCorkingdale, Church of Scotland, The Next 100 Days Podcast, Parish

Declining Church Congregations

  • Donald says the sense of community is stronger in rural communities.
  • There are real challenges of the declining church community.
  • The church needs to break down the walls to allow more people to come in.
  • We discussed glimpses of hope and growth in new initiatives.
  • Kevin, Graham, and Rev Donald discussed the challenges faced by churches in rural areas, the need for marketing strategies to attract more people.

Covid 19

  • We also talked about the impact of COVID-19 on worshipping practices and the importance of word-of-mouth marketing in reaching out to potential churchgoers.
  • Graham, Kevin, and Rev discussed the need for the church to adapt to the changing times.
  • That could mean engaging with people through social media and personal encounters.
  • They recognised the importance of being clear and bold in sharing the message of faith.
  • This can help them create meaningful connections with individuals.

Does Progressive Mean You are Soft?

  • Graham, Donald, and Kevin discussed the challenges of the church in engaging with the changing society and attracting a wider audience.
  • They explored the importance of being clear about their beliefs while also being accepting and welcoming to all individuals.
  • Kevin, Graham, and Donald engaged in a thought-provoking conversation about the role of the church in guiding people and promoting wellness.
  • They discussed topics such as the National Health Service, mindfulness, gender, and the importance of curiosity and open conversations.

Clips of the Podcast

A Real Sense of Community 

Has the Church of Scotland Created Walls Around its Community?


Donald was Convener of The General Assembly

Testimonial from the Reverend Donald McCorkindale from the Church of Scotland

Walk the Parish

Bridge to Nowhere


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