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Neil Sheth is the founder and CEO of Writefully and is this week’s guest on The Next 100 Days Podcast. His business helps thought leaders with well-constructed words that make their content and strategy pop.

Neil Sheth, Founder and CEO, Writefully, The Next 100 Days Podcast

Summary of the Podcast


  • Neil discussed his struggles with launching a business and the challenges of finding a marketing agency that understood his specific needs.
  • Eventually Neil built his own marketing skills and launched an SEO agency.
  • Later this evolved into Writefully, a company focused on helping businesses with positioning, messaging, and crafting a though-leadership voice.

Thought Leadership

  • Graham, Neil, and Kevin discussed the importance of effectively communicating ideas and turning technical abilities into digestible content.
  • They also touched on the topic of thought leadership and the need to craft clear positioning and messaging to establish a strong brand presence.


  • Neil, Graham, and Kevin discussed the importance of tone of voice in communication and the need to simplify language for effective communication.
  • They also mentioned using tools like Grammarly for writing assistance and keyword research tools for SEO content.
  • Graham, Neil, and Kevin discussed Writefully’s use of various tools like Grammarly, SEMrush, and copyscape for content creation and editing.
  • They also mentioned the importance of understanding the audience’s needs and validating new products or services.

Capture Your Thoughts

  • Graham and Neil discussed the idea of using an app to generate written content based on spoken thoughts and ideas quickly.
  • Neil planned to have the app create a first draft, which a human team could then edit to refine the message and ensure quality.
  • It is important to capture clients’ unstructured thoughts to create more comprehensive briefs.

Content Creation

  • They also emphasised the need for efficiency in the content creation process and the value of learning from past mistakes.
  • Not least the challenge of creating diverse content and the potential solution of involving people from different cultures and perspectives.
  • They also debated the idea of narrowing down the target audience to a specific vertical to avoid being too generic.

Ask Clever Questions

  • Neil and Graham discussed the challenges of turning unstructured thoughts into structured ones.
  • In particular, the importance of asking clever questions to extract valuable insights.
  • They also talked about the need to find early adopters and have conversations to gain traction for their tech startup.

New App

  • Neil, Graham, and Kevin had a conversation about Neil’s app and its potential impact.
  • They discussed the benefits of the app, the need for immediate access to ideas, and the value of deep conversations in solving problems.

Clips from the Podcast

An Off the Cuff Introduction

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Elixir – a guaranteed potion to induce love!

What Sort of Tools

Voice Notes


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