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Pets Rock

James Mathewson is redefining the fine art market by offering limited edition Pets Rock characters with NFTs.He is this week’s guest on The Next 100 Days Podcast.

James Matthewson, Pets Rock, The Next 100 Days Podcast, NFT, Limited Edition Fine Art

Summary of the Podcast

Jersey Resident

  • Graham, James, and Kevin discussed various topics including the population of Jersey, its attractive tax regime, and the promotion of the island as a great place for business.

Pets Rock – The Investment

  • James also explained that Pets Rock is a collection of iconic characters parodied as cats, dogs, and guinea pigs, and discussed the concept of NFTs.
  • James explained that NFTs are digital representations of assets that provide security and provenance through blockchain technology.
  • He also mentioned that the Pets Rock NFT collection.
  • The collection was created by artist Mark Pollybank.
  • It consists of 82 characters, with 80 of them being sold as unique NFTs accompanied by physical artwork, a coffee table book, and access to the artist.

Limited Edition Prints

  • James plans to create limited edition prints and NFTs of the Pets Rock characters.
  • He also discusses the revenue sharing model for original NFT owners.
  • His long-term vision for the Pets Rock brand includes a movie adaptation.
  • James, Graham, and Kevin discussed the potential for creating a movie based on their existing artwork.
  • One of the challenges for James will be to secure the IP rights to the characters.

Superluxe Attracting Investment

  • James owns Superluxe and they’ve acquired a tech business called Illusion.

Potential ROI

  • An estimate of the return on investment (ROI) for NFTs, particularly in the context of art and character trading.
  • They explored the idea of encouraging collectors to come in early and buy popular characters, with the expectation of a five times ROI,
  • Kevin pointed out the value and popularity of certain NFTs may fluctuate based on market influence and individual scandals.

Alternative Investment

  • Graham, James, and Kevin discussed the concept of NFTs and their value as alternative investments.
  • They explored the risks and rewards associated with owning NFTs and considered the potential interest in specific characters within the NFT collection. (see below).

Clips of the Podcast


Pets Rock – 82 Iconic Characters 

NFT – Non Fungible Token

Pets Rock – The Movie

5x Return

James Matthewson Testimonial

Pets Rock Characters

James Matthewson, Pets Rock, The Next 100 Days Podcast, NFT, Limited Edition Fine Art


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