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Life Coach

Life Coach Greg Styan is this week’s guest on The Next 100 Days Podcast. Greg shares productivity hacks to help his clients cope with overwhelm. He focuses on delivering service to men. So if you are a CEO or senior corporate executive, male and have an issue with stress, overwhelm, not knowing how to fix your life. talk to Gregory Styan.

Gregory Styan, Life Coach, The Next 100 Days Podcast

Summary of Podcast with Gregory Styan


  • Graham, and Kevin had a conversation with Greg Steyan, a life coach for men.
  • They discussed Greg’s varied life experiences
  • These included coaching a football team.
  • Greg hails from Poole in Dorset.
  • He has a strong admiration for Eddie Howe, who helped him shape his coaching approach.
  • Greg discussed his journey from being a football player to becoming a life coach.
  • He focuses on helping individuals achieve work-life balance and feel fulfilled.

How COVID Impacted Greg’s Life Coach Business

  • He also highlighted the impact of COVID-19 on senior positions.
  • Many CEOs are stepping down and a significant number of people feeling unhappy with their work-life balance.
  • CEOs who are stepping down desire a better work-life balance.
  • Much of this was triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Work has shifted from being a place to work to being something one does.
  • This has lead to a reevaluation of priorities and goals.

Work Life Balance Post COVID

  • COVID-19 impacted work-life balance for all 3 on the podcast.
  • It signalled the need for a mental shift in approaching productivity.
  • Greg focused on helping men become more productive and achieve better results.
  • Kevin expressed guilt about not being as productive while working from home.
  • Graham, Greg, and Kevin discussed their experiences and strategies for improving productivity and achieving work-life balance.
  • They shared advice on setting goals, creating habits, and making time for personal pursuits.

Life Hacks

  • Life hacks and strategies for time management were discussed.
  • These included having separate email addresses, using two phones, and setting boundaries with notifications.
  • They also emphasised the importance of pursuing personal interests and finding therapeutic activities.
  • Ultimately by doing so, this leads to increased productivity and job satisfaction.

Pricing Consultancy – High Value Life Coach Clients

  • Graham and Greg discussed the topic of pricing services, particularly in the context of life coaching.
  • They explored the importance of mindset, setting prices based on value.
  • Further they discussed the potential benefits of higher prices such as attracting more profitable clients and providing a better service.

Neuro Linguistic Programming

  • Graham and Greg discussed Greg’s expertise in NLP and his ability to help people improve their productivity and achieve their goals through small hacks and techniques.
  • They also talked about their anticipation of visiting Leeds and their observations about the friendliness of people in the North compared to the South.

Being on The Next 100 Days Podcast

  • The experience of being on the Next 100 Days podcast was discussed.
  • It has potential benefits such as increased visibility and credibility.
  • Kevin advised Greg to choose to guest on podcasts with a substantial number of episodes and a strong online presence for maximum impact.

High Net Worth Clients

  • Greg shared his experience in working with high net worth individuals and addressing issues like burnout.
  • They discussed the stress that comes from following societal rules and the value of challenging those rules with the help of a coach like Greg.

Clips from the Podcast

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Greg explains it is built from life experiences and his education and training.

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COVID’s Impact

Greg mentioned a couple of other podcasts we recorded – Anja Rogan Pirc and Tony Smith


Greg’s Testimonial for The Next 100 Days Podcast

Graham Arrowsmith

No Advice, The 2023 Alternative Investment Summit, The Next 100 Days Podcast, Graham Arrowsmith

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Kevin Appleby

Kevin Appleby, GrowCFO, The Next 100 Days Podcast

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