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Email Marketing

Email marketing agency owner Tanyo Gochev is this week’s guest on The Next 100 Days Podcast. Tanyo lives in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Tanyo Gorchev, Email Marketing, Copywriting, The Next 100 Days Podcast

Summary of the Podcast

A New Agency

  • Kevin, Graham, and Tanyo discussed Tanyo’s new email marketing agency.
  • The agency helps financial companies improve their engagement and sales through email marketing.
  • Tanyo currently has one client and plans to scale up and expand his client base.

Custom GPTs For Better Email Performance

  • Tanyo uses AI, specifically Chat GPT, to gather information and insights for content creation.
  • He explained the process of creating custom GPTs.
  • By combining the generated text with his copywriting skills, he produces high-quality content for clients.

Copywriting and Career Pivot

  • Graham, Tanyo, and Kevin discussed Tanyo’s experience with email marketing and his pivot to starting an agency.
  • Tanyo identified his target audience.
  • They are CMOs and marketing managers in financial companies.
  • These people face challenges with consistent content creation and maintaining engagement.
  • Tanyo offers a free audit of their email newsletters to help improve their results.

Know Your Email Audience

  • Tanyo, Graham, and Kevin discussed the importance of knowing your audience.
  • They also emphasised the need to clean email lists regularly.
  • The discussion produced differing opinions about having and stating opinions.

Email Marketing Best Practices

  • The importance of welcome emails
  • Segmenting audiences
  • The relevance of having views in branding.

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Clips from the Podcast

How Does Graham Get Away With This?

Write Edit and Manage Email Lists

Tanyo Now Uses ChatGPT 4 for CustomGPTs

ChatGPT is Used for Research

Do this when you get a subscriber

  • Welcome Email
    • Add to their contact list
    • Reply with one word
    • Move email to primary inbox

Tanyo Provided this Testimonial

“They create a safe space to have an awesome conversation.” Tanyo Gochev

Get in Touch with Tanyo

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