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Inner Freedom Coach

Cathy Gifford is an Inner freedom coach. This is her first podcast. She shares definitions of what it is to have imposter syndrome. Some from her own experience in the accountancy world.

Cathy Gifford, Inner Freedom Coach, The Next 100 Days Podcast

Summary of the Podcast

Imposter syndrome explained

  • Cathy detailed the causes and manifestations of imposter syndrome.
  • These include perfectionism, fear of mistakes, and low self-esteem from childhood experiences.
  • She suffered from it as an accountant, feeling like a fraud despite positive reviews.

Inner freedom coach

  • Cathy left corporate life seeking inner freedom after realising others didn’t share her negative thoughts.
  • Spirituality helped her perspective.
  • Coaching unlocked suppressed memories fueling low self-worth.
  • She now values presence over possessions.

Overcoming limiting beliefs through healing past experiences

  • Cathy helps clients release limiting beliefs through deep healing work on childhood trauma.
  • This “reprograms” the subconscious driving safety behaviours over happiness.
  • Participants confront repressed memories fueling depression and anxiety instead of blaming circumstances.

Developing a coaching practice to help others

  • Cathy attracted clients through manifestation and LinkedIn after qualifications in finance coaching as an inner freedom coach.
  • She empowers business owners and employees through personalised programs.
  • These programs combine mindset shifts with subconscious release of past burdens through mindfulness.

Clips from the Podcast

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