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This podcast looks back at the last 42 episodes. Kevin and Graham met at the North Lakes Hotel, Penrith, Cumbria, England. It was half way between where we live. The purpose of our meeting was reviewing our progress. In short, to discuss the podcast that belongs as much to you the listener as it does to us. We wanted to understand whether there is an opportunity to offer added value.

We’ve been asked how we will monetise the podcast. That must be about creating new unique value over and above what the podcast offers. Kevin and I want to avoid the sponsorship route or driving too much through affiliate links.

We have an idea about how we can take the podcast a stage further. So we would like to announce an idea we would like to implement in the next 100 days. We need your help and advice.

The idea is a “Flash Group Mastermind”. This is where we invite people to join us in an interactive webinar. We want your help. There is no charge to join. We only want you to contribute, to share your ideas and advice with others. Everyone can gain from the mastermind. Everyone is on the hot seat, so we listen and discuss possible ideas for making progress on an issue you face.

We are planning to hold the first Flash Group Mastermind in around 100 days. If you would like to join us for the Pilot in January. We’ll structure the event so you get real value, so we can address whatever problem or challenge is.

If you are interested, then direct message Kevin or Graham on the Facebook Group (The Next 100 Days Podcast). If you would prefer not to join the Facebook group, but would love to join us for the pilot Flash Group Mastermind, then email either Kevin on or Graham on

We are trying to take a step forward with the show, to help individuals with specific issues that their businesses face. We’ll run the pilot at a time that is ideal for including people from the US, Canada, South Africa and the UK. So, please let us know as early as you can. If it appeals to you, act now, we are going to have to restrict the first pilot to between 6 and 8 people. So please do let Kevin or Graham know you are interested right now.  Thank you.