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How to overcome those nagging doubts in your head. Tracey Tait from TranscendYou joined us on The Next 100 Days Podcast and provided a simple 6 step process to overcoming the ‘internal chatterbox’s’ telling you what you can’t do. The full process is available to download as an ebook “6 Steps To A More Confident You”

Her formula is how to get that little blighter out of your head! Let’s quieten that inner voice.

But first:

  • It’s normal to feel worry, doubt and fear
  • The first step to no longer being our own worst enemy is to have goals.
  • Change the story you’re telling yourself that’s currently holding you back when you quieten your chatterbox, your inner voice, your self-talk and tune into your Wise Voice

Here’s a short summary of the 6 steps to a more confident you.

Step 1:   Set a goal for that thing where you’d like to be more confident.

Without a goal you’ll bob about like a wee boat on the sea going nowhere, pottering on and not taking that step to grow your confidence

Step 2:   Identify what you are actually afraid of.

Fill in this sentence I fear being __________. Where do those fears come from?

Step 3: Change your story.

Talk to yourself differently. Remember fear is terrified of your taking action!

Step 4: Learn to listen to your wise voice.

Your wise voice is the one we tend to ignore because out chatterbox is screaming so loudly. It’s the voice we all have. If you struggle to tap into your wise voice to begin with it can be a role model someone you admire, respect either in business or in your personal life

Step 5: Take action to scare the living daylights out of your fear!

Figure out who are the people around you that are “Drains” and who are “Radiators”.

Step 6: Repeat again and again.


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