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Kevin and Graham find out how ADHD links to entrepreneurship and business systems as they chat to Marina Darlow, Founder & CEO of Vision Framework about the similarities between entrepreneurs and people diagnosed ADHD, and how this can be used to help design great business systems.

How ADHD Links to entrepreneurship and business systems.

What is ADHD?

It’s the way a person’s brain is wired. It was defined as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

These people are:

  • Exceptionally creative
  • They have an overflow of ideas
  • Not good with strict rules
  • They have way more energy than most people
  • They are often entrepreneurs.
  • They can create a system, but don’t expect them to follow it.

Famous ADHD people:

  • Ben Franklin
  • Mozart
  • The Wright Brothers
  • Albert Einstein
  • Salvador Dali
  • Richard Branson

Marina builds systems for people with ADHD. She does not diagnose ADHD, but helps people who are with their systems. But they are kind of programmed to hate systems! That’s why she makes them very tailored.

What is a system?

It’s a container and the method you use. Like Google Calendar, not just the tool itself but how you use the system.

A system is something that supports you that you are comfortable with. If you are hyper-focused and don’t recognise the time has come to stop and eat, then you probably need Marina’s help.

There are some basic business systems/non-negotiable: Money, Time Management, Managing People and Information. In each of those categories you can systematise anything.

They present to Marina as people who generally HATE some stuff. They just do not want to complete certain tasks.

Marina’s first question is: What hurts? The answer can be I’m overwhelmed; Marina asks what is the source of that overwhelm. The rule of thumb, something that causes you resentment, avoidance or guilt. Much of the hurt is related to money and communication.

Marina intervenes by creating the necessary systems that are custom tailored.

Marina’s BIG FIVE key qualities of Good Systems (these work for everyone)

A good system has to be:

  1. Easy to use – most systems deal with information – so a good system is one that is good for entering data, finding data, understanding what comes out of the system.
  2. Reminders – everything in your system, outside of your head.
  3. Flexible – in order to have a good system for the ADHD gifted, so have a choice in the system.
  4. Fun to use – make meetings pleasant – something that you’d enjoy, rather than a chore.
  5. Built in accountability – how do you do this in a system, a techie trick? Nah, it’s all about having someone, a real commitment that is uncomfortable to break. Coaches use the phrase a ‘body double’. That person creates an accountability framework.

How do we relate the work Marina is doing with systems with the next 100 days?

If you are contemplating making a change to your systems? Then start with:

  • What hurts?
  • What causes you resentment?
  • What makes you feel guilty?
  • What do you try to avoid?

It could be something huge – if that’s you, start there. It could be minor, but important to you. It’s that small speck of dust in your eye. You’ve just got to take action.

What are the steps you should take?

That’s easy:

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Make a system work for the ADHD-gifted brain: 5 simple rules
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Seven Mindset ESSENTIALS to make a Habit STICK
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