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Digital Scrapbooking

If you understand how to use PaintShop Pro, and you love digital scrapbooking, then you are almost certain to know the name Carole Asselin. She’s the queen of digital scrapbooking when it comes to PaintShop Pro. Carole is our guest on The Next 100 Days Podcast.

Carole and Kevin have known each other longer than Graham and Kevin. They met, like we did, in the Facebook group associated with Internet Business Mastery. Kevin sometimes moves at a slow pace, so go figure why it took him this long to ask Carole to be a guest!

Carole Asselin, Digital Scrapbooking, The Next 100 Days Podcast

Podcast Summary

  • Graham congratulated Kevin on becoming a grandfather for the third time!

Carole Asselin

  • Carole discovered the potential of digital scrapbooking and turned it into a side hustle by teaching others and selling her scripts.
  • She opened her own store and started a membership teaching site, successfully catering to the demand for her content.
  • Carole, Graham, and Kevin discussed Carole’s niche market of teaching scrapbooking using Paint Shop Pro.
  • She wanted to distinguish herself from others teaching scrapbooking with Photoshop and offered a range of tutorials and workshops to attract clients, with the majority being female.


  • Graham, Kevin, and Carole discussed the power of storytelling in marketing and teaching.
  • Would it be possible to create a digital scrapbook to chronicle one’s life?
  • Can it be a creative and community-building activity.

The future

  • Kevin, Carole, and Graham discussed the current state and potential future of digital scrapbooking.
  • They talked about the active participation of members in the community, the global reach of Carole’s audience, the possibility of AI assistance in creating scrapbook pages, and the importance of personal touch in the creative process.

Younger Generations?

  • Kevin, Carole, and Graham discussed their experiences with digital scrapbooking and the challenges of managing an abundance of digital photos.
  • They also talked about the importance of community and the potential for younger generations to join Carole’s digital scrapbooking community.
  • Carole, Kevin, and Graham discussed Carole’s digital scrapbooking business and her various ventures, including a podcast and a membership academy.
  • They also mentioned her unique approach to teaching and her potential for expanding her business in the future.

A Passion Business

  • Kevin and Graham discussed various topics including building a business around passion, the challenges of turning a hobby into a business, and the importance of segmenting email lists based on time zones.


Kevin Reminisces

The Origin Story

Translated Scrapbooks into a Digital Form

Digital Scrapbooking Scripts


Another String to Carole’s Bow



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