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Copywriting & Live Launches

Live Launches are like catnip to Gio Marcus. We thought it would be fun for Gio to geek out on Live Launches on her return visit to The Next 100 Days Podcast. The previous podcast was: Episode 289 – crikey it’s been 2 years!

Gio Marcus, Copywriting & Live Launches, The Next 100 Days Podcast

Podcast Summary

  • Graham, Kevin, and Gio discussed the concept of live launches and how they can be used to generate excitement and interaction with an audience.
  • They also touched on the possibility of turning a live launch into an evergreen model for continued promotion.
  • Gio, Graham, and Kevin discussed various topics including driving traffic to a website, engaging with participants before an event, the use of AI in copywriting, the potential of NFTs as alternative investments, and the benefits of real-time feedback during live launches.
  • They also mentioned the consideration of using Deadline Funnel for creating urgency in sales.

Copywriting is so important for Live Launches

  • Gio, Graham, and Kevin discussed the effectiveness of creating genuine urgency and scarcity in marketing techniques.
  • They also highlighted the importance of understanding the value proposition and big picture mission in order to create successful live launches.
  • Gio, Graham, and Kevin discussed various topics including the power of brands like Apple, the changing landscape of San Francisco, the challenges of writing effective copy, and the importance of gathering sufficient information for writing.

We love our West Coast Audience!!

  • Graham, Gio, and Kevin discussed Gio’s expertise in writing copy for high-ticket items and the importance of understanding the unique selling proposition of a product.
  • They also considered the idea of doing a live launch and targeting the West Coast of America for marketing purposes.
  • Another important issue was understanding the target audience and the need for effective copywriting.
  • They also highlighted the value of bringing in an outside perspective to avoid jargon and connect with potential customers on a deeper level.
  • Gio, Kevin, and Graham had a conversation about live launches and the power of good copy.
  • They discussed their experiences and the learning opportunities that come with organising events and creating content.

Clips from the Podcast

What is a Live Launch?

Graham mentioned Bailey Richert who offers the VIRTUAL SUMMIT SCHOOL training. Click the image:

Virtual Summit School, Bailey Richert, Clickfunnels,

High Ticket Live Launch


Artificial Intelligence

Dial in the clients you want!

Why We and Gio’s Clients Love Her

The Biggest Selling Point for a LIVE LAUNCH

Blank Sheet of Paper


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Gio Marcus, Copywriting, Live Launches, The Next 100 Days Podcast


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