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Have you considered using LinkedIn for lead generation. Lee Betts tells us how to get 10-20 LinkedIn leads a week for only £99

Get 10-20 LinkedIn Leads Per Week for £99

Lee Betts has cracked the code of generating LinkedIn Leads with his website. By using exactly the same process for his own business as he does for clients, Lee has found that 40% of the leads convert to sale. Now, that’s pretty good!

Lee is used to failure. As an entrepreneur, Lee failed time and time again. Until he realised the importance of scaling. He has aced that class with

Speaking to us from Townsville Australia, Lee explained he identified a magical growth hack that he implements as part of the process. Getting LinkedIn Leads is a process that starts with you upgrading to LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator. This will set you back around £65 per week. But you can get a 30 day free trial.

Target Your Ideal Client with LinkedIn Leads

The first step is to identify your ideal client.

Here is what to look for:

  • What keywords does your ideal client get found with?
  • Where do they live?
  • What kind of company are they?
  • What’s their industry?
  • What are their Job functions and Job titles?

Imagine your ideal client is worth £1,000 profit to you over the course of the next year. With 10 leads per week and a conversion rate of 1 in 20, over the next month you’d have a 4.3 to 1 ROI.

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How Does This LinkedIn Lead System Work?

Your existing links are not used. Lee focuses on attracting new people to you. They get access to your LinkedIn account.

They are not too salesy. It’s about starting a conversation. It works better for some businesses than others. You can have a 2 week minimum trial. And you can exit the agreement anytime you like. have built a process that works. A member of staff is equal to 50 clients. For Lee, 50 clients equals £5k per week.

What is a lead?

Someone responds to your message and they show an interest. It is not a qualified lead though. Over a month you’ll get 40-80 expressions of interest. Out of them come 20 qualified leads per month.

They generate leads but they don’t get involved thereafter.

Advice from Lee the Entrepreneur

Lee recommends reading Mark Manson’s “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F***”

  • “It’s not what you want in life but what you are willing to suffer.
  • Answer that question first before you go all in.

How important it is to know every area of the business. Have a good understanding of all parts of the business. Read. Research. Test and learn.

Also, focus on something that is SCALABLE.

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