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Four Fears

After a  20 year corporate career Mark Franklin has started his own business focusing on the Four Fears. In his first appearance on a podcast, Mark shares how he helps other small business owners to address these four questions.

Mark Franklin, Four Fears, The Next 100 Days Podcast

Summary of the Podcast

Mark Franklin shares his background moving from London to Oxford and his career in direct sales, where he helped small business owners overcome fears holding them back from success.

Those Four Fears Explained

Mark Franklin, Four Fears, The Next 100 Days Podcast

Mark outlines the four fears he sees most often – not being ready, not being good enough, not having enough time, and fear of failure – and how addressing the root causes can help people take action.

‘I’m being ready’

Mark helps people define what “not being ready” means for them and challenges the perception that there is ever a perfect time to start, using examples of taking the first step anyway. Most people have a body of work that they have experienced in their lives, and Mark calls on those moments to shore up the get started date!

‘I’m not  good enough’

Mark builds up people’s self-confidence by reflecting on past successes and the evidence that they are capable, shifting their self-perception away from unrealistic standards.

‘I don’t have enough time’

Through exercises like a 20-point challenge diary, Mark helps people audit their time use and prioritise the most effective activities to achieve more while using less hours.

The fear of ‘failure’

Reframing failure as a “comma not a full stop,” Mark prompts self-reflection on what actions people can take and what success means for their goals, reducing failure’s perceived consequences.

Building resilience against fears 

Mark discusses building habits of positive self-affirmation and challenging unhelpful thoughts to increase resilience against fears, relating it to developing comfort through regular exercise.

Mark Likes Hull

SME Challenges

Am I Ready to Start a Business

How to Get Started

They are Self Checking Questions

Time Management

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