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Dave Dee talks to Graham and Kevin about sales presentations and webinars and reveals some of the secrets of Psychic Selling.

When Dave Dee was 8 years old he wanted to be a magician. It was his passion. After university, he took the plunge and was getting 3 not particularly high paying shows per month. They were small shows. He was deep in debt. He had to decide about his career. He went to a motivational rally in Atlanta. Zig Zigler was one of the speakers and Norman Schwarzkopf was the keynote. He got fired up.

Dave mentioned the late Jim Rohn’s quote “motivation alone is not enough. If you have an idiot and you motivate him, now you have a motivated idiot.”

The last guy to speak at the rally was Dan Kennedy. Dave had never heard of Dan. Dan spoke of direct response marketing. Dave realised what Dan was selling – Magnetic Marketing – was the thing that would transform his magician’s business. Except, Dave got up and left without buying it, because it was $279.

When Dave got home he knew he’d made a mistake. He had no way of contacting Dan – it was pre-internet! His wife said as they were $80k in debt, what was another $279!

Dan Kennedy followed up the conference with a physical letter. A follow up. Most entrepreneurs would have concluded they had just given their best pitch, the prospect(s) saw the best stuff, they didn’t buy, therefore they’re not going to buy.

But, the fortune is in the follow up!

Dan’s letter was red over and over. It followed him around the house! Contrast this with nowadays sending an email. Would it have even been opened? With spam traps, the chances are the follow up via that method would have been useless.

The letter had a clear offer. Stamped on the order form was if you order by the DEADLINE, you can still get the same deal. After picking up the phone to call the customer services line, Dan’s wife Carla, Dave asked whether it would work for magicians. Carla said “I’ve no idea”, which sort of did it for Dave, he purchased Magnetic Marketing.

It arrived on a Friday, and he proceeded to lock himself in a spare bedroom over the weekend and red the materials cover to cover. On Monday, he started to implement everything he could possibly do. Most of it didn’t work. But some of it did.

He went from 3 shows a month to 20 shows a month in less than 90 days. In the 4th month he did 57 shows. By the end of the year he paid off his debt, he’d bought a new house, a new car, his wife quit her 2 jobs and became a stay-at-home mother. Everything changed for Dave.

It was MASSIVE implementation. It wasn’t sequential implementation, do this then try that. He just did it all. Dave wasn’t a copywriter, he just did it. He wasn’t afraid to fail.

The lesson is things can change fast. It is more important to be a master marketer than simply trying to get better at your deliverable – like being a magician, doing magic tricks.

Dave became successful as an entertainer. He then became a trainer of other entertainers. Then other business owners noticed his work and he offered consultancy and a number of done-for-you solutions.

Dan Kennedy and his partner Bill Glazer sold GKIC to a private equity investor. Dan recommended they hire someone who knew how to do what GKIC was all about. So, Dave joined GKIC and for four years worked for them until recently. He has left to pursue his own entrepreneurial ambitions, but still retains GKIC as a client doing coaching programmes

Dave Dee’s new business makes an OUTRAGEOUS claim!

I can help you sell more of your products and services in a day, than you now do all the year!

That is called a USP or a unique selling proposition. Everyone needs one of those for their business. Short, powerful, a little outrageous and you’ve got to live up to it too!

If Dave said “I can help you sell more of your products and services in a day, than you now do all the year!” to you your natural response would be “How do you do that?”

That is exactly how you want your prospects to respond. Then Dave Dee would give his short elevator pitch.

Dave does this with ONLINE EVENTS. Dave’s real skill is selling, selling one-to-many. On stage or online. Dave puts together online events. Most people will think of this as a webinar, and that is one component of it, but then he expands it to make it a real sales event.

Following Dave’s template, Michael Rosbruck, who was selling a course on how to become a certified tax resolution specialist, did sales of $420,000 in 4 hours. One day. One event. Then he did another $400,000 in continuity income, making it a +$820k event!

Dave doesn’t guarantee his claim, but he justifies it because he has done it.

One of the major things is getting the right people to the event. Michael’s event only had 700 people on the event. They were the right people. Better to have a targeted smaller buyer. He was selling to lawyers and CPAs.

It works best if you have a demonstrable or informational product to sell. It works for consultation bookings too.

One of the benefits of the online event is the assets you create in the four hours. The 4 hours is broken into 3 segments. Regardless of the amount of money you make on the day itself, you are left with 3 separate video assets, which can be used in a sales funnel. Driving new prospects to.

So how does it work?

It is online. The participants are not in a room. They are watching from their office or home.

It is 4 hours. There are 3 segments. The offer is made in each segment. It is a platform sales presentation, based on a template Dave Dee uses for everything.

The initial 90 minutes is a sales presentation. Then it cuts to a video sales letter, 10-12 minutes long. That gives everybody a break and an opportunity to buy. The next segment is an interview where Dave interviews the presenter. He has a PowerPoint on a ‘confidence monitor’ just out of shot. There is a professional director who cuts from interview to PowerPoint and back again. Dave gets his questions from the PowerPoint. They are doing the same presentation a second time!

But as Dave is asking questions, the people watching the presentation don’t realise it is the same exact thing that they have just watched. Again, the cut to a VSL.

The third segment is a live chat. They can see what topics are hot. They bring in Skype testimonials, a call to action, countdown and then boom!

Most sales are made in the first segment.

Dave is a master of ceremonies in this medium. He teaches the sales person how to deliver it. A professional host ups your credibility. Celebrities get asked questions. It amps up your credibility.

The countdown is there to get people to act. The core is the same. Have 2 levels of bonuses. The core bonuses always come with the package. The laziest form of though is “that won’t work for me”. Successful entrepreneurs say “how can I make this work for me”.

Then you need fast-action bonuses. These are what people take-action immediately. For the first 99 people who take-action now, get this bonus. A price discount that goes away. This creates an internal pressure that makes them take-action.

Dave’s best was $535k in 35 minutes.

Dave Dee recommends you JUST GET STARTED.

Avoid ‘comparison despair’, comparing yourself to some other guy and getting disappointed about your performance. It’s about changing your life.

Where do I start?

Dave recommends you start with a really simple webcast.

Start with the audience. Who am I selling to. What do they want and desire? In the process of delivering what they want and desire, you provide what they NEED.


Then begin with the END IN MIND. Fix your order form first. Work backwards in this process.

As far as the technology goes:

Both Dave Dee and Kevin use Webinarjam and recommend this if you intend going down the route of regular webinars.

A good simple alternative is

This has a webinar type feature, load slides – no animation, but it is crazy easy to use.


A lot, you cannot. They aren’t built for marketers. If you cannot do that don’t use it. It also has to allow you to cut to video and it needs a chat feature.

You’d just say ‘let me get my slides up’ and you’d cut to a pre-recorded part that you’d perfected. Meantime you can be monitoring the live chat.

You want questions – buying questions. When is it being delivered? Will it work for XYZ? The questions are at the very end, after you have closed several times. It is a sales presentation. You are not looking for applause. You are looking to sell more.

Find out more about Dave Dee

go to

There are some cool resources – including Dave Dee’s awesome template for sales presentations!

Start with a HOT TITLE. What you call something will help get people to register, then get them to show up. If you don’t you’ll get a 20% show-up rate, then lastly getting people to buy!

Dave told us about a book that came out called ASTROLOGICAL LOVE. It bombed. Nobody bought it. They made one change. Just the book. To. HOW TO SATISFY A WOMAN EVERY TIME AND HAVE HER BEG FOR MORE. That title made it a multi-million-dollar best seller.

What you call something is important. That’s the first thing people see. Will they opt-in.

Selling is based on transferring emotion. People buy on 2 things, what’s good for the company and what’s good for him or her. SO, don’t be timid. Don’t model what Coca Cola do. If you have a gigantic budget, follow Coca Cola. If you don’t use direct response principle and apply them online.

Dave Dee – How You Structure the Presentation

The psychology.

Psychic sales is about getting inside your prospects head, using hypnotic language patterns to quickly control their minds, it’s about planting thoughts in their head.

Dave was a mind-reader – in a one or one he can get you feedback, in one to many. So, he plants the answer to the objection in the mind long before the objection is raised.

I.e. it costs too much.

Remember the not-buying Magnetic Marketing story, where Dave walked away and he KNEW he had made a huge mistake. Then he remembered another Jim Rohn quote: “Successful people invest in themselves and their education”.  By investing, I was doing what successful people did, even though I didn’t think I could afford it.

Dave Dee tells that story. He has just planted in their mind the price objection, that it costs too much. So when we get there, what it triggers.

Not, “Successful people invest in themselves and their education” so if you want to be successful…

People don’t like to be told. That puts up a barrier.

But by telling it is a story, it bypasses their conscious thought and goes straight into their sub-conscious mind.

The structure

Dave Dee recommends the following structure:

  • Grab attention, in a few seconds.
  • “In the next ____ minutes, I’m going to teach you a 1,2,3 step by step strategy, for ________, _______ and ________, so you never have to experience ________ again.
  • e.

“In the next 50 minutes, I’m going to teach you a 1,2,3 step by step strategy, for generating leads, converting those leads and doing it on autopilot, so you never have to worry again where you next sale is coming from.”

  • Always have 3 major pieces on content, because people can grasp 3.
  • Then tell them WHO the presentation is for: so they instantly identify. This is for you if you are a financial adviser, who is sick and tired of looking at your appointment book and not having it filled.
  • Dave constantly bounces the audience back and forth between PAIN and PLEASURE, making them feel good, making them feel bad.
  • Then Dave Dee talks about WHY they should listen to me: tell the core story. When you tell your core story. The mistake is people tell it as if its all about them. Tell it from the point of view of the people who are listening, so they can identify with that. You are really talking about them, the audience.
  • Then introduce your 3 CHUNKS of information. This is your middle piece of the presentation.
    This is SUPER important. Don’t give them too much information.
  • TELL PEOPLE WHAT TO DO, not how to do it. Give them useful but incomplete There are 7 major things you need to do to close the sale. We don’t have time for all 7, but here’s the first 2. You are creating a tension inside of them. They want to know the other 5. The content needs to set up the sale – that’s why your close, your offer and your order form needs to be created first, because if I know I have this stuff in my offer, I then know what I need to say in my content piece to make people desire the thing I’m selling.
  • Whenever you make a bold statement, you want to have a testimonial about what you’ve said. PROVE WHAT YOU’VE JUST SAID. That validate what you’ve just said.
  • Now you do your teaching. This helps enhance your customers lives.
  • You need transitional bridges between all your pieces. Separates pros from amateurs. They lose their energy between content to close. Don’t tighten up between your last content piece and your close. Go smoothly from one piece to the next piece…Say… “Now, you are probably wondering, how do I put this in place in my business?…” or “You are probably thinking how can I use this system to lose 20 pounds…”You then introduce your solution. But here’s the key! You introduce the solution, you don’t tell them about it yet. You want tension throughout your presentation. Keep drawing them in. Constantly teasing them.
  • Tell them who it is NOT FOR.
  • Then make a damaging admission. If you are not willing to do XYZ then this is not for you.
  • Tell them the benefits and the TRANSFORMATION.


Dave Dee’s Hierarchy of Persuasion

  • Features – tell
  • Benefits – sell
  • Outcomes – combination of all the benefits
  • Transformation – always emotional and personal, this is how you will be different. You’ll not have to worry about your business. You can be present and enjoy your son’s soccer game.
  • Guarantee
  • Pricing – here’s the value – whatever you say it is. Here’s the retail price, here’s the special offer.
  • Call to action
  • Bonuses
  • Call to action

Sincerity close – unscripted talk from the heart. Tell them why they must invest in this. Keep talking if the sales keep coming!

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