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Kevin and Graham talk about holistic goals and managing your time along with interview guest Mike Gardner, the Time Doctor. Mike talks about his book Business Owners: Your Family Misses You: Time Management Strategies That Free Up Two Hours A Day And Get You Loved Again.

While you aim to focus on one business goal for the next 100 days, the rest of your life isn’t quite so straightforward, as you juggle family priorities with business, aim for a healthy lifestyle, pursue leisure interests, hobbies and so on. Mike Gardner’s holistic approach is really helpful and brings everything together with the right amount of balance to make it work.

 Listen to the show and get some very practical tips that you can implement straight away to help you make more progress in less time and that will make a real difference in your life.

Mike’s view of goal setting is a little different, and he divides his goals into 3 groups and has specific strategies for each. The groups are:

  • I want it but I don’t have it in my life
  • I have it and I want to keep it in my life
  • I have it in my life, but I don’t want it

Mike Gardner is a member of The Next 100 Days Podcast Facebook Group, so if you want to follow up anything we raise in the podcast come on over to the group, ask a question, and join in the conversation. Alternatively find Mike in his own group, The Time Management Academy

Mike’s book, Your Family Misses You is available on Amazon:

UK Link

USA Link