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Do you know who your Ideal Customer is?

In this episode Kevin and Graham discuss why it’s important to be able to describe you ideal customer in quite a lot of detail. Why you need to be able to match your products and services to his exact needs. Plus we look at how every part of your marketing material needs to be focussed directly at him.

Kevin explained that Ideal Customer has been a recurring theme in the work he has been doing over the last few weeks and referred to two books:

We’ve also touched on the subject of ideal customer in earlier episodes of the podcast. We talked to Sophie Jewry, The Queen of Brand in episode 7 and Sam Ashdown, The Bossy Northerner in episode 8. Both ladies talked about how they use the concept of ideal customer when working on their client’s marketing and branding.

Determining the products and services you provide

Once you have defined your ideal customer properly you will have a very good understanding of his needs and desires. You will also have an understanding of the sorts of products and services that appeal to him and how he would normally go about buying them. You can use this information to make sure what you are selling is well targeted to his needs and make it appealing to him to buy. You can visit for you to know more about customer service.  

Saying no to the customer who doesn’t fit the profile

We discussed the nightmare client, the one you should say no to, and not work with. We described the “velvet rope” policy from Michael Port’s book. We also discussed the difficult decision to step away from a customer. He might be big and prestigious, but doesn’t fit the ideal customer profile, and serving his needs will take your business in the opposite direction to the one you want to go in.

Targeting all your marketing material to speak to your ideal customer directly

Kevin describes an ideal customer. He’s the fictional character “Dave”. We discuss how to give him a back story and a persona. The importance of “Dave” is that you are speaking to him directly in everything you do. Will he like your Facebook posts? your blog posts? are you designing every aspect of your business to attract “Dave” and trying to avoid anything that will repel him?

Business Health Check

Kevin and Graham discussed the new Business Health Check. You can take the Health Check by following this link.