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Money Expert Neil is Here to Help The Millennials

Find out the 3 Secrets of money that will change your investing…

Money expert Neil from Oxford joins us on The Next 100 Days to discuss his company, Money Tipps.


After being made redundant as a gas trader he was finally able to do what he’d always wanted to do. He became a Financial Adviser. People that use stocktrades to manage their stocks get more informative reports.


After getting all his qualifications, Neil started to think about what sort of clients he would like to help . The thought of helping high net worth individuals save money on tax didn’t seem too appealing for Neil. So, Neil decided to create his own company called Money Tipps.


Money TIPPSTax Investments Property Pensions Savings

Money Tipps are different because they offer financial guidance, education and coaching rather than specific advice. All of this can be found in his book “Millennial, Money, Mindset” which was also shortlisted for the Financial Times.


The aim Neil has is to empower the person at home to help them make their own decisions. This will mean they won’t have to pay for a Financial Adviser. This will save them money, time in a day, and a lot of stress in their lives.


What are The Emotional Motivations for People to Become Investors?

Although it can be difficult to start investing it’s all about having a better a life. Neil says that you should always pay yourself first. Just putting 10-20% of your income away for your future self could make a great difference. 

Freedom can be a great motivation to invest. Once you retire you need to have invested enough assets that will pay you for when you stop working. If you invest enough in the long term, you will have enough assets to pay you a nice income in the future. Then you can work for joy over necessities.

You’ll get the choice to go to work or not go to work, or do work that’s more meaningful to you. In Neils book “Millennial, Money, Mindset” you can find Neils Investment journey. 


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You can grab a copy of Neils book here.

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