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Have you joined our challenge to double your business? Here are some strategies that might help you get more leads and make more money. 

Marketing Strategies to get More Leads and Make More Money

This week’s podcast follows up the 7 levers business model from last week’s show with some top marketing strategies that you can implement to improve each lever.

We’re using a document provided by GKIC (Glazer Kennedy Inner Circle) that was a bonus when I purchased their famous Magnetic Marketing programme. It’s 47 Top Strategies – How GKIC Members Used Our Powerful and Straightforwards Marketing Strategies to Get More Leads and Make More Money.

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Marketing Strategy #1:  Send a Newsletter to Your Customers

5 secrets

  • Tell them what else you do.
  • Tell them what’s new.
  • It’s not about YOU.
  • Recognise the best parts of your newsletter.
  • Frequency trumps everything.

This links to the 6th Lever to increase the number of transactions from your customers.

Marketing Strategy #2:  Send a “Shock and Awe” Package

This is a strategy to convert prospects. Your 5-Star Prospects. This is where you are sending a ‘salesman in a box”. Depending on what you put in the box, you might be looking at £100. So, this is a conversion technique and it should be worth EVERY penny. This is a conversions lever.

This can be used prior to a face to face meeting. Use it with your high value prospects.

Marketing Strategy #3:  Choose Your Target Market

Section off a part of the market you can serve well. This is your SUSPECT strategy. Be clear about what you are selling and who you are selling to.

If you are considering that you sell to EVERYBODY. You really need to check yourself. Consider taking one small niche at a time and apply your marketing strategies to them.

You can think about each segment as different avatars.

Marketing Strategy #4:  Follow Up With Your Prospects

This is the prospect lever. How often do you forget to follow up?

Achieve “top of mind” status with your prospects. You also find out more about prospects. When you follow up, it provides another opportunity to get to the nub of their requirements. That way you can tailor your propositions.

Use the coaching question – “What’s on your mind?”

Use a good technique for listening. I recommend using “Thinking Pairs”. Between you and another person, you allow the other person to answer a question. For 3 minutes. WITHOUT jumping in with solutions. Just listen.

Marketing Strategy #5:  Raise Your Prices

Don’t be tempted to beat your competitor’s price. That is a marketing strategy that will defeat you eventually. It means you have less money to grow.

Attract affluent individuals. If you want advice and help to do this, contact Graham.

Some of this depends on what you sell. Do you want to choose clients who want to focus on price. Discuss the layers of value that you offer. That way, your price becomes less important.

This is an average item price marketing strategy.

Marketing Strategy #6:  Use “Unusual” Communications and Dimensional Mail

Dimensional mail. Imagine putting a little gift inside your letter, linked to your message and makes your letter stand out. Charities use pens in their letters to allow you to respond quickly to their offers.

Lumpy mail also gets to the top of the A Pile (the B Pile is the less important pile).

Unusual communications – imagine seeing something related to model railways (for Kevin). Sending that across to your customer helps you build a closer relationship with them. It shows you care about them, not just their business with you.

Arguably, this is a strategy that fits with transactions per customer, with conversions too.

Marketing Strategy #7:  Find Related Products to Sell to Existing Clients

This overlaps average items per sale and transactions levers.

This is where you sell complementary services to broaden your appeal and the loyalty of existing customers.

Would you like fries with that?

Marketing Strategy #8:  Put Some Personality Into Your Writing 

People buy from people. Tell your clients about yourself. Be a little exposed.

The corporate world teaches you to not stand out. You might ruin their brand! They nuke their staff’s personalities.

You have the opportunity to create your own personality. What do you stand for?

Where does that fit? Suspect and prospecting – this is where you personality attracts. DON’T get too corporate.

Marketing Strategy #9:  Build Ascension and Continuity into Your Business Model

Not all customers are equal. Allow those who will, the opportunity to buy your most valuable package of services. What is your top price?

Think of a package that is 20-50 times the average sale value. The best guide on this is Perry Marshall’s 80:20 Sales and Marketing.

Continuity is about average items per sale and average item price and transactions per customer.

The flip side of continuity, if you have signed up for a membership or continuity model, do you still need it? So the review of these repeated costs to your business is the margins lever.

Marketing Strategy #10:  Sell Big Ticket Items

This is the average item price lever.

The idea here is to have something that is high ticket.

If you put your effort into attracting affluent individuals, you will have a greater opportunity to sell higher ticket items.

Can you sell a much bigger product? They might not sell at the same velocity, but the margins will be higher.

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